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It’s been a long time in the making but we finally got a moment to sit down with Princess Shayla herself, Ann Marie Crouch! The Deer Zord and the “Song of Animaria” have always been an important part of our site and it is truly an honor to speak to Ann Marie! We asked her about her time on set, auditioning and the now infamous Deer Zord song and Green Screen! Have A Read!

What was the Audition Process like for Power Rangers Wild Force?

A: It was a long process. The casting Director said they had over 3,000 headshot submissions for the main characters and if I remember correctly, over 300 people were auditioned in person. I originally auditioned for the role of the Yellow Ranger. I received a callback. I then went in a couple more times for various other roles. It was clear that production was pleased with my auditions… just trying to figure out if there was a place for me. After about a 6 month auditioning process I did not receive a role. I was disappointed but knew it was just a matter of putting the right team together.

How Did You Hear You Got the Part? Did You Know You Were To Replace Someone?

Princess Shayla

A: A few months after the auditions were over, I was home in Florida visiting my family when my manager called. He said, “You got the role of the Princess on Power Rangers! I know it is Thursday but they need you on Saturday for a fitting and then you will begin shooting on Monday.” I of course booked a flight back to LA for the next day. At the time I did not know about the replacement. I found that out at the fitting when scripts for the first 4-5 episodes were handed to me.

What was it like to walk onto the Animarium Set for the first time?

Animarium Interior

A: It was magical! A moment I will never forget. Monday morning. My first day on set. Scripts everywhere. Knowing they would be concentrating on reshooting any Princess scenes so I would be very busy during that first few weeks. The first scene was a monologue when I step out and tell the story to the Rangers. I met the actors on set briefly and then heard the word “action”! It felt like I was floating… The words and story came. It was a beautiful moment and I felt at home.

What do you think of Princess Shayla as a character? Are there any aspects of you in her?

A: I love her character! She is very motherly and in touch with nature. Compassionate and caring. Strong and in control. Playful!! Our goal in acting is to live truthfully in imaginary circumstances. She is very much me and I am her.

What were some of your favorite scenes to film?


A: Action! Action scenes are so much fun! I like singing too. 🙂

How was it to sing “The Song of Animaria” for the episode “Sing Song”? 

A: It was very cool! I actually began as a singer when I was young. My Mother recorded a few albums. Once I began modeling as a teenager and traveling, I did not have the time to pursue singing or train. I have a great story about how I was able to film the singing portion. We will keep it for the next interview.

What were your thoughts on the now infamous Green Screen effects added to that scene?

A: I liked it as I thought it made sense. Did the fans like it?

Which Cast Member was closest to you on set? How was it interacting with your 6 Ranger co-stars?

Wild Force Uniforms

A: I know this may sound funny but I truly had fun and got along with everyone on set! I probably spent more time with the girls, Alyson and Jessica.

How was it for you to film the Team-Up with the Power Rangers Time Force Ranger Actors? (Erin Cahill, Jason Faunt etc.)

A: Really fun!! I was not in those episodes as much so had a few days off though when on set it was full of laughs and making of new Power Ranger friends.

Were You Able to Keep any props from the set? Such as Your Necklace or Shayla’s Crown?


A: I do have the dress 🙂 They had several dresses made and gave me one.

Do You have any projects you’d like the readers to know of or Follow you on?

A: Soon after Power Rangers Wild Force I met my husband and married. I have a 9 year old daughter. We moved back to the Southeast to raise her and I began teaching acting and opened a talent agency. I have been working as a manager to aspiring actors. Many of my actors have been in films and tv shows now. Though not to say I am finished with acting myself! I just needed some time for family and get the business rolling here.

One last note, Every Other Year there is a exclusive Power Rangers Convention that’s held in Pasadena, CA called Power Morphicon. Would you ever consider attending a con to meet your fans?

A: Yes! 2016 is bringing on new and exciting changes. I would love to attend the Convention to meet some of the fans in person and see cast members again. I am so thankful and treasure the time on Power Rangers!

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