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Viva La Diva! The Pirate Queen has arrived!
Divatox was not only the First Female Villain Action Figure, but she was the first villain to actually tactfully destroy the Ranger’s Turbo Powers and their precious command center! Divatox has gone down as one of the most popular, quirky and quotable villains! Since her introduction (along with Rita and Astronema) have fed the Original Female Villain trend that has lasted throughout the Disney era! I know we only wish for more in the future!
Hilary Shepard took a few moments to answer a few burning questions we’ve had about Divatox, Power Rangers Turbo and more! Take a look at her answers and make sure to check out

What was it like the very first time in your Divatox costume and makeup on the set of Turbo: The Movie?


HS: They showed me a drawing of Divatox and I was worried- I just found out I was pregnant . I didn’t want to get fired so I told the costumer to make sure that the corset part could expand. Since we shot out of sequence my boobs go up and down in the film! By the end I was 5 months pregnant and ready to get out of the costume!

What was your experience returning to the TV Show after the movie?

HS: I couldn’t shoot the tv show since I was 8 months pregnant when it started- they had Carol Hoyt replace me. Then they kept calling me- Did you have the baby yet? When Scarlett was a few weeks old I went back to filming and was shooting Star Trek Deep Space 9 at the same time. I was so tired and probably yelled “Fire the Torpedoes!” at the DS9 cast and told Porto to beam me up!

Who was your favorite co-star on set during your time on Power Rangers?

Divatox's Subcraft Interior

HS: Since I was on my space ship submarine thing I was isolated from the cast and mostly interacted with the guys who suit- played Elgar and Rygog. I loved it in the movie when I got to work with the Rangers and throw Austin and Amy Jo into the fire!

What Divatox merchandise do you own? Or were given by Fans?

Hilary and I at PMC4
Hilary and I at PMC4

HS: I wish I’d taken more stuff from the set- I had one doll each of the large and small types . Since I’ve been going to cons the fans are so sweet- a guy from England sent me his doll and a fan in Lexington gave me a poster! Fans, feel free to give me things! I love it! I wish I had a cool vintage turbo t shirt , I saw a girl on Instagram wearing one and I want it!

When you returned to the show, was Divatox written more comedic or was that your own flair?
(Were there any quirks in Divatox’s character that you personally brought to her?)

HS: I got to create Divatox and the director Shuki Levy let me improvise and add wherever I wanted- it was so fun. I made her very vain and sarcastic. I made up the line ” Viva La Diva”. ” I never even got a honey moon!”, and most of the lines people quote me! I really loved being able to fully embody the character, and they trusted me and let me do it.

What do you think about Divatox being the FIRST Female Villain Figure EVER? (Until 2008 that is)?


HS: I had no idea I was the first female villain figure at the time so I didn’t feel any pressure.
I really felt I knew this character and that I loved playing her

What was the audition process like for Power Rangers? How was it when you got the part?

HS: I auditioned for the part never having seen the Power Rangers. It was a huge studio movie and thought I had no chance of getting it. It turns out Shuki Levy had see me on the set of a movie I did with his ex wife called, Hunk. He always wanted to work with me. So you never know as an actor whose watching! Later I found out they originally wanted Grace Jones, a fierce model and Disco Star , so when she didn’t work out, I was lucky to get the audition.

What was your experience filming the premiere episode of “Power Rangers in Space”

HS: I loved filming the first power rangers in space episode, getting to work with everyone was so fun! I think we should have our own spin off show!

As a Gay man, I have to ask you this! What was your experience like on the set of Golden Girls?


HS: working with those ladies on the Golden Girls was a dream come true- they were just as sweet as you hoped they’d be!

What current or future projects of yours should Ranger Fans know about?

HS: I just started acting again after a break recovering from cancer! I just shot an anthology show called Teen Warlock with Jason Faunt for Amazon, and have a new show coming out called Super Fan Party Plan where I play a DIY Diva super hero chick who shows you how to make cool crafts for you Cosplay themed parties.
Go to
www.bridalville.com/stpp-sneak-peak and type in the code DIYDIVAtox to unlock a sneak peak at the first episode.
I also have a YA science fiction novel out called SHESUS you can order on Amazon and you can order autographed pics on my website