Exclusive: Ron Wasserman



I was lucky enough to come across Ron Wasserman, (the genius behind the legendary “Go-Go Power Ranges” theme, the Rock Adventure soundtrack, the Power Rangers in Space theme & “SPD Emergency”) in a Power Rangers 20th Anniversary related group and I decided to ask him a few questions for a quick interview. I chose the questions carefully on a few things I and other fans were wondering! He answers questions on his early work with Saban, the Power Rangers SPD Theme and which Mystic Force theme was better! Here is the 11 Question interview and make sure to stay for the final question which is the most important!

 What was your inspiration behind the original Mighty Morphin’ Theme?

Saban mentioned they wanted to use the word “GO” as they’d had luck with that on the Inspector Gadget theme. 

 I just looked at some footage, started messing around with a guitar part and the song just came to me. Took about 2 /12 hours to complete. (A very productive night.)

When you were presented with only the word “Go” for the Power Rangers theme, what did you think?

I though “Okay, I can build on that” LOL! Really, if it had not worked for my idea, I probably wouldn’t have used it.

 For our less informed readers, can you explain Mighty RAW?

Since I was doing everything, I wanted to create a character as the singer so I started using “Aaron Waters”. Then one day Saban decided to call me “The Mighty RAW” (RAW are my initials) and the confusion started. Still not certain why they did that.

What was your favorite creation from “A Rock Adventure”?

The Lord Zed bit.

In the Power Rangers In Space theme, what did “Long Live the Power Rangers” mean to you?

May the show have many many seasons and air for decades. LOL! Really!

What do you think of other artists/producers using your Power Ranger themes as their own? Remixes, Re-Issues and such? (such as Simon Cowell, we’ve heard)

Only a few have really done something special with it. Most, like Simon’s are not very interesting imho. Nothing really new there.

We all know that Power Rangers SPD’s theme was the most epic of the Disney themes, what inspired you to create such a different theme song?

I had such a burst of energy when Disney called me to do that. It took about 4 hours to work out the basic songs. I KNEW it was strong and really loved it….still do.

What do you think of the “Power Rangers: Mystic Force” Theme? Would your themes have been better?

Well Disney wanted rap which, already sounds outdated in its production and, imho, isn’t very good. I do like my rock theme better, actually ANY rock theme would have been better. That genre really fits the show best. Not rap, not pop, not orchestral, not hip hop etc…..

Power Rangers wise, what work are you most proud of?

The MMPR theme and influence the shows music had on future musicians. There is no greater honor. 

What is the piece of music of any kind you are most proud of ?

My band Fisher’s “I Will Love You” is the song I’m most proud of. Mainly because people have used it extensively for weddings, funerals, rehab etc. If it’s truly helped anyone with their life, even for a moment, then I feel like I’ve made a small impact in a positive way.

We have heard rumors that you would not consider returning to score the 20th anniversary of Power Ranger? Is this true and if so, why?

Saban is not interested in working with me and to be honest, I’m not interested in working with them. The producers, actors and singers  I’ve worked with since leaving Saban in 1995 have been, for the most part, “A List” people. It would be very hard for me to take a step backwards into the Saban mindset of creativity. I’m not dissing them, I just wouldn’t want to go back to that crowd.

Thanks again to Ron for answering the questions for our site! It looks like we can all finally put the idea of Ron composing the 20th Anniversary them to rest. I was very interested to hear his point of view from creating the SPD and his Mystic Force themes and how much he has contributed to the Power Rangers Universe!