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Former Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: The GRID Returns!
Episode 2: No F*cks Were Given!
Episode 3: It Just Got Real
Episode 4: The Gravity of these Cavities
Episode 5: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun
Episode 6: 2 Clip Shows and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!
Episode 7: Mega Show is Mega

Episode 8: There’s a Whole Lotta Space
Episode 9: Catfish Stew
Episode 10: In Case You Didn’t  Know….
Episode 11: At Least It’s Not A Clip Show!
Episode 12: Someone Actually Wanted To Be On This Show

Episode 13: Morphin Legacy Origins Grid 4ever Clusterfuck Rangers
Episode 14: No One Gets Inside!
Episode 15: Golden Plated Showers
Episode 16: It’s Boom Time!
Episode 17: Simply Rangerlicious
Episode 18: In the Shadow of Comic-Con
Episode 19: Dan Just Wants To Have Fun
Episode 20: The Green Knight Rises
Episode 21: Violet Madness
Episode 22: ..and None for Casey Rhodes…Bye!
Episode 23: Power Rangers 20th Anniversary LIVE Event!

Episode 24: Interrupting Thunder!
Episode 25: RoboHugz
Episode 26: Ultra Chew
Episode 27: Sponsored by Nossan
Episode 28: Dream Warriors
Episode 29: Ultra Schmultra
Episode 30: 30, Flirty and Thriving!
Episode 31: #1 At Sucking Butts
Episode 32: Untitled Shit Show
Episode 33: There Goes The Boom!
Episode 34: Something Something Z
Episode 35: Morph! Morph! Morph!
Episode 36: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Episode 37: Bias-Blaster!
Episode 38: Polyester Pandemonium
Episode 39: OT-Pork
Episode 40: Midlife Crisis
Episode 41: Meen Gurlz
Episode 42: Hilary Sherman
Episode 43: Muscle Girl
Episode 44: 1 Year Anniversary Special: Trainbow
Episode 45: Dat Caboose
Episode 46: Lions & Tigers & Gays

Episode 47: The One Where JDF Hijacks the Bracket
Episode 48: Silver Whinings
Episode 49: True Blue To The Exit