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The GRID: Ressurection, a new Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Project!
The Podcast may be dead, but we are still here for our Listeners!
So we’ve added our Provisional Rangers into the mix!
Instead of a podcast format we will answer a select few questions on our Facebook , Twitter and Tumblr and answer them in short and sweet video or audio clips! If you have a specific question for Jay or Shelby or maybe Ray? Make sure to submit their name with your question!
We plan to answer as many questions as possible during the week, so feel free to ask about the Current Sentai, Power Rangers or any other questions you may have!

Take a look below and get to know our hosts! Submit a question and celebrate our Resurrection!

How to Ask A Question:

Submit a question to one of these mediums and include the host who you would like to answer!

The GRID Facebook:

Admins Taking Your Questions!


Jay, Cupofwater03 is the webmaster of all incarnations of Morphin’ Legacy as well as hosting a TinyChat for all Power Rangers Fans each week!
If you are reading this then you have access to all of Morphin’ Legacy’s Information!
Be sure to follow:
Facebook Twitter Tumblr YouTube , TinyChat


Lee is the master behind “The Monkie Grid” blog on many many platforms. He is now the moderator for the show!
Blog: Monkie Grid
Twitter: @MonkieRanger , @LeeRobertsVA
Facebook: The Monkie Grid


Shelby is the creator of the Ranger Blog “For-the-love-of-Rangers” on Facebook and Tumblr!


Adam is best know as FuryCrimson  from our TinyChats as well as Tumblr and Twitter!
Twitter: @AdamAvey1 ,
Instagram: AdamAvey


Cody is an accomplished YouTube host and has a vast knowledge of all things Toku.
Twitter: @HotWingsBriscoe


Ray is the master behind our Legacy Databases and Admins both the Morphin’ Legacy & The GRID  Facebook as well as running TinyChat from time to time!
Ray also works hard on creating Ranger Memes for his YouTube Channel!
ShadowRay22 YouTube


Scott is the resident Super Sentai Episode Reviewer here on Morphin’ Legacy!
Make sure to check out all his Reviews!
Twitter: @PowerSentai

10327035_655886891131502_2116529859_nDan is the creator of the fan film “Morphin Origins” if you’re apart of this fandom then you’ve probably seen him hanging around!
Official Site


Kristina is an avid fan of Time Force and SPD with an WWE Obsession as well!

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