Akibaranger 2.03

*Season 2 Episode 3*

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We start off right where the last episode ended with Kibaranger attacking the Akibaranger as it’s their fault he is a shadow of his former self. Malshina confronts them and reads an explanation of her return from cue cards but even she doesn’t understand. The important part is she’s back as a commander now working for New-Dimensional-Mental-Correction-Subterranean-Neo-Empire Baros LOL. Kibaranger uses his Shocking Echo to summon Yamagata singing the Gaoranger theme and Mojo singing the Battle Fever J theme. The Akibas can’t take the combined volume and go back to the base.
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There is some masturbating material with Malshina shower if you want to see more just search online for her actress. The general is upset over her performance as he wanted her return to be comparable to Queen Hedorian’s who after being the main villain in Denziman came back in Sun Vulcan being revived as a cyborg from ice. He is also working on a new monster who looks like a repaint of Chief Blu Ray.
At the café the gang wants to inform Luna about Dairanger but since there is nothing on the internet they go to the Akibaranger wiki. The reception for their series was terrible, it was cancelled after 13 episodes and considered to be the worst sentai of all time. Nobuo wonders how a Five Star (Gosei) team had only three members he believes Toei originally planned to add two more member in the summer to boost ratings, one of which would have been Kibaranger. Since the show was cancelled he never got to exist. The monster of the week is ready Editor-in-Chief HVD.
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The Akibas work on making paper Dairanger mask hoping with them along with props and a script they can turn the Dairangers memories back to normal. In the Delusional world they kidnap China Red and force him to watch their cardboard rendition of the Dairanger opening. Malshina, Kibaranger and HVD crash the party. HVD tells them he is a Gorma monster (the group of enemies from Dairanger) and he was made by General Pain. The Akibarangers take China Red and run away like true heroes.
They force China Red to recreate the battle Ryuranger had with his arch-rival Matoba Jin including outfits outside their suits. This works and returns to his former glory they also succeed with Kibaranger. The Dairangers join in the Akibaranger rollcall and help them fight HVD. To finish him off the Dairangers give them the power of the Dairen-Bomber. They see that it’s possibly General Pain’s delusions that are causing the problems. Luna want to leave as fighting will not help her idol career. The ending is a cover of “Go! Love Sick” from GoGo V by Luna’s actress.
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As always Akibaranger performs beyond my expectations. They preform all the references very well and the Be Kind Rewind like recreations are comedy gold. The repainting of a monster was lazy but I’ll let that past as they mentioned it and used it for jokes. The plot has been carried forward and I have no idea where they are going to go. The singers turning up where a great surprise. It’s also great seeing more of Malshina. I hope there are more new powers coming up. I think I need to go watch Dairanger now 5/5