Akibaranger 2.04

*Season 2 Episode 4*

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After the standard recap with are brought to a lake where Luna is recording a dance video to Heroic Lilly, the opening to the Z-cune Aoi anime, hoping she will become internet famous. Better Idea than writing reviews for an obscure Japanese parody show. Hakase intrudes making Luna angry but then her manger calls her who as we learned stop calling her because she was so unpopular. At the sentai café Yuko is talking about her new business cards after she gives Nobuo one he notices her last name has changed, turns out he’s the last to know she’s married. Nobuo was upset he wasn’t at the wedding because he wanted to do a toku skit where he would dress up as an evil minion, kidnap Yuko only to be saved by her groom, if any of you guys want an evil minion for a wedding just call me. Yuko has needs to keep her otaku activities on the down low as her new mother-in-law will not allow it.
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General Pain is busy making the monster of the week and transports it to Malshina for this episode’s evil plan. Later Nobuo is walking outside upset and sees a Preacher talking about Z-cune who changes all of the picture of Aoi to darker versions. The preacher is in fact the previously mentioned monster this time influenced by Sun Vulcan named Smartphone Monger. AkibaRed and AkibaYellow take on him and his grunts using various Sun Vulcan until they need three people so they get knocked into a warehouse. Malshina appears out of a box because reasons and uses her version of their Z-cunes, the Moya Moya Z-Cune, to transform into an upgraded version. Smartphone Monger brings up “tikutter” showing peoples’ comment about the new Z-cune Aoi Z movies, they become weakened by the power of spoilers and Malshina blasts them.
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Z-cune Aoi is becoming controversial in real life meaning the sentai café becomes run down as Hakase isn’t having a good income for her voice acting work. To put the excitement back into Yuko’s delusions and to hopefully make them more powerful she will be drawing a BoyLove manga and Nobuo must back her up. They must go Yuko’s new home and Nobuo disguises as her assistant. Nobuo now must keep her Mother-in-law from finding her but they almost get caught when Nobuo models for Yuko tied up in rope bondage hanging from the celling. After her nights work she has really drawn a love story for Nobuo about him and Aoi bringing back his good mood and delusional power.
Smartphone Monger’s attack ends up on TV so they go to fight him in the delusional world. Luna runs back to help them fight giving no reason. With his love for Aoi at an all time high he is able to transform to Super Akibaranger featuring Aoi hugging armour. Malshina runs from the fight leaving Smartphone Monger to be destroyed by Super AkibaRed’s Glomp slash. Back at Yuko’s house it seems her mother-in-law was watching and noticed she uses a pose from Ninja Cap-tan, this worlds version of the sentai like show Ninja Captor. Her mother-in-law is actually an old school anime theme singer played in real life by Mitsuko Horrie who sang the Ninja Captor theme, Goranger and countless overs. They ending theme is an edited version of the Ninja Captor opening to fit Ninja Cap-tan.
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I must sound like an old record but I loved this episode. I really like them bringing in monster styles from old series and modernizing them. The Sun Vulcan fighting sequences was very well put together and cleverly edited. Malshina’s power up looks like some fetish get up but for her character and this show works well. Super AkibaRed is just a ridiculous power-up I can’t help but love, I hope Nobuo and his waifu are very happy together. The only thing I didn’t get is why Yuko at to be at her house instead at some where like the sentai café so she didn’t get caught? 5/5