Akibaranger 2.06

*Season 2 Episode 6*
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The episode opens up with General Pain out in the open, well this is Akihabara people probably thought he was cosplaying, waiting in line for a food stand. A Mascot character with a cardboard box head comes up to him with a leaflet. He hates the recent mascot boom and this character’s costume doesn’t have ounce of love in it so they get in a fight. Meanwhile at the Café base Nobuo has real life Munya Munya Zuban, the transformation device for Super AkibaRed, because buy our shit. He mentioned a friend of a friend made it for him. Luna comes in saying the famous idol Choco should be their fourth member but Nobuo doubts she would join. Yuko and Nobuo take Luna to see Akiba hot spots.
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Recently beaten up by that mascot General pain makes a mascot like character for this week’s monsters, he comments a friend of a friend requested a similar figurine. The Akibas get leaflets by a creepy mascot robot girl and Nobuo seems to like her. A group of Kids laugh at the mascot and she turns them into things they hate like carrots and math. This is clearly a Baros LOL plan so it’s grand delusion time. Instead of fighting she invites them for tea, Like a good sentai fanboy Nobuo notces the bug on her chest from Jetman, she’s a Dimension Beast called CutieChara Dimension. Using her robotic womanly charms she tricks Nobuo and puts a bomb on him. The Akiba Girls take her on but even with her silly demeanour she’s too power.
Malshina doesn’t know what’s going on with Red, Pain explains that CutieChara must be relevant to Red’s interests and by not giving the monster a hideous face like expected she has no weakness.  Before CutieChara finishes them off she is stopped by Choco dressed similar to Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine  but in turn Choco is stopped by Nobuo. CutieChara takes the opening and turns Choco into a Okra then retreats.  In real life Choco now has the head of a Baros LOL mook, Pain even sees this. Now in the café Nobuo admits he has a fetish for super smooth shiny robotic girls started when he saw Colon in Liveman as a kid. They help his train to fight againt it. Hakase dresses up to help and for fan service. This doesn’t work as Nobuo can still see her face. He runs off embarrassed but Hakase has a plan.
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Luna and Yuko go to take CutieChara on again. Hakase convinces Nobuo to try again and he returns to the battlefield. While CutieChara is focusing on Nobuo, Luna and Yuko wrap bag around her head but she burns it off. Hakase has Tanaka Nobuo at the café, the narrator for the first part of Goranger, Changeman, Turboranger and Ohranger.  He narrates to the Akibas’ Nobuo to motivate him mentioning his mind’s eye.  It’s Super delusion time as Red becomes Super Akiba Red. He can now combines him weapons for a new finishert o defeat her. Turns out after Tanaka’s speech he put a sticker over his helmet. Pain realises the delusional world is affecting the real world and can now launch his evil plan and the plot. Hakase sings Make Those Dreams Come True Dynaman ~ Hagiwara Sayoko ver. for the closing theme.

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This really felt like a filler episode to sell more of their merchandise, more than normal since a huge part of the show is selling figuarts. It seems to be a calm before the storm episode before the main plot of the show starts at least I hope so. CutieChara was meant to be annoying but I feel it was overdone and I got bored when the fights when on too long and that hadn’t happened in any of the previous episodes this season.  There where still plenty of funny moments but after watching this episode I agree with General Pain mascots are annoying. 3/5