Akibaranger 2.07

*Season 2 Episode 7*
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After the standard recap to hype us up. We are in Pain’s room base looking over is monster’s and plan. He believes someone else’s delusions with the Akibarangers are the reason they are winning in over the top ridiculous ways. Malshina suggests putting a monster in on his side to fudge shiz up. The Akibas are walking down the street eating crêpes because crepes are awesome. Down the alleyway where most the monsters appear a Woman dressed as cupid steals otaku hearts and eats them. She is clearly part of Baros LOL, the 10th Spear of the Jakanja Dark Spears, the enemy group from Hurricanger, named Hadezkin designed as Yellow Goraiger. It’s grand delusion time.
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Upon entering the Goraiger bros appear with the Jakanja marks upon them but now KuwagaRaiger is now the 8th spear space ninja Uranusdo and KabutoRaiger is the 9th spear space ninja Poseidom. Hadezkin has eaten their hearts of justice, mmm justice. Malshina came up with the spear idea and even researched Hurricanger. Pain doesn’t like this as he wanted them to be their own dark sentai as he delude himself that they would be the main bad guys in Hurricanger. This makes them use their original names so now Hadezkin is Jakan Yellow, Tentoraiger. The Akibas are easily beaten so they retreat from the Delusion. Pain wanted them to go easy on the Akibas so the Hurricangers would come out, better luck next time.
Now in the real world the week is now ten days after Saturday there Uranday, Posday, Hadday then sunday. This is simply because 7 dark spears are now 10. There are only 3 weeks in a month now, so there is only 36 sentai episodes per series. Nobuo is devastated. The new days have new laws, Uranday is otaku garbage day, all the geeky café merch is taken. Posday means no toku songs. And no cosplay on Hadday. Yuko is out in the open as a cat girl gets chased and so dose Pain. Yuko meets up with the other Akiba and along with Pain they all end up at the same warehouse but luckily they don’t recognise they are enemies. Tentoraiger turns in to gas and  reappears. After Grand Delusion time Pain realises who they are and sees them using their Z-cunes to go into the delusional world. I think he has an idea.
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Nobuo and Yuko use Hidden Style Hurricanger moves to hopefully restore the Goraigers’ memories but this fails and Nobuo ends up under a pile of rubble, that’s why he is the best red. Pain imports himself into the delusional world. The Hurricangers rush out to help out but the Space Ninjas are too tough even given Hurricane Red the symbol of Shurikenger doesn’t work. But it does give Yuko and Luna time to dig up Nobuo and seeing this returns the memories of the Goraigers. Pain is awaken into the real world for a package and Malshina does her usual to get away. Nobuo gets the Hurricanger Penultimate power, the Hurricane Ball, to defeat Tentoraiger. There is a strange scene that seems to be in a hospital and will no doubt be part of the story maybe to do with the other person’s delusions that Pain mentioned at the start of the episode. The ending theme is a cover of Shinken Festival by the Akibas and Malshina.
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A much improved episode from last week with good progression of plot. Now both Pain and the Akibaranger know who they are facing they can get the fight moving and get to the Akibaranger twist which links to that hospital scene. Not so heavy on the jokes but they all worked well along with the references. Malshina having different plans to Pain leads to an interesting dynamic. I just hope the plot continues as this season seems very lacking compared to the first. The whole episode format is starting to get tiring and even seeing past sentai teams just seems to be the norm it needs to be shaken up. 4/5