Akibaranger 2.10

*Season 2 Episode 10* [Over-Time] Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger 2 - 10 [FFBCFC88].mkv_snapshot_15.55_[2013.06.24_19.32.58]
The Akibas somehow got Pain’s unconscious body back to the café without being stopped by the cops. Seems his mind is locked in the delusion world, lucky him. In the delusion world Pain is in bed with Malshina, double lucky him, talking about his favourite thing, sentai villains, before doing it some more. Life has somewhat returned to normal for the Akibas, Nobuo getting beat up by his boss and Luna being obsessed with becoming an idol.   In the delusion world Malshina suggests making a monster on their side if they can’t turn Pain back. Singer/voice actor Momoi Halko is at the café for some reason, I don’t know, guest quota? Pain decides to make a monsterkin based on the guerrilla marketers from Season 1. The Guy in the hospital is Hatte Saburo, the in show producers of Akibaranger, and he wants his usual nurse, Malshina.  Pain’s body in real life talks about the new monster, scaring Hakase, who informs the Akiba gang.
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On the street, a guy pops out a box to ask Yuko and Luna about spatulas and turns into an Alpaca, you know the normal stuff. Luna kicks his nuts and  it’s grand delusion time. Nobuo comes running in wanting to know what old Sentai villain group he is from but his name is Kameari Alpaca, a neighbour and an animal. Pain appears, telling them he’s a section chief. The Akibas fight Alpaca, he get’s a hold of Luna’s Z-cune and shoots his weak spot because Sentai trope. Yuko uses the power of DekaYellow to throw a boulder at him and Luna uses AbareYellow to fly into him. Nobuo beecomes Super Akiba Red to attack.
Hakase overhears Pain that once their delusional power reaches its apex the delusion world wall will be broken down. The Akibas try to run, but Malshina stops them. But she makes the  Alpaca break Pain’s mic, then
Malshina shoots Pain. The wall breaking down was a lie by Malshina so she could break the mic and be free from his control. She only slept with him to steal all his Sentai villain knowledge, the only time in history someone’s Sentai knowledge got them laid . She steals all the rest of his Sentai knowledge using a talisman from Gaoranger vs Hurricanger before blowing him up and turning him into an action figure. This is having negative effects on Mr. Hatte’s medical problems.

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Pain wakes up in the real world and has no idea why he is dressed strangely. He uses their bathroom and comes out looking normal with only his knowledge of dentistry. The Akibas combine all the penultimate powers for the Penutlimate Cannon-Bazooka to blow away the Alpaca and to sell Figuarts. But doing so unlocks his weak spot, which was really the gateway to darkness. Malshina uses the gateway to bring back Delu-Knight. Hakase tells them all the Super Sentai series are now gone. Pain sings Do I just Imagine from Megaranger for the ending.
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Now we really are getting moving. Malshina’s turn on Pain was something I wanted to happened, but I wasn’t sure would even happen. It also cool to see the Alpaca suit and Delu-Knight back. It’s taken long for the show to actually get the plot moving, it feels like they could have cut the Pain stuff down a bit, but they had no other ideas. I do hope having that Momoi Halko person there has a purpose like helping with the cafe’s money issues other wise it feels like a wasted guest spot. This season may not have as many twists as last season but anything could still happen. 4/5