Akibaranger 2.11

*Season 2 Episode 11* 

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After the usual recap, which you might need because it’s taken me far too long to write this episode review, the Akibarangers eject from the delusion world. Hakase informs the Akiba gang that Super Sentai replaced with the Super Malshina series. It features Malshina in each of the 37 seasons as the leader of an evil group fighting a Sentai team and ultimately evil always wins. Great lesson for the kids . The Sentai Cafe turns into a hero cemetery. They must beat Malshina and save the Sentai.

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The gang goes to confront Malshian but she and Delu-Knight try to recover the Akibarangers lost memories, Nobuo remembers feeling Malshina’s boobs before all their memories come back from Season 1 even Hakase and KozKoz remember. So that whole clip show as episode one was just to trick us. Malshina wants revenge on Hatte Saburo for turning her into a sub-character after introducing Dr.Z. Now, here is where it gets a little complicated. Since Hatte sent the Akibas a DVD that showed Malshina the idea that there’s an entrance to Hatte’s World in the Akibas’ world. So, why not an entrance in the Delusion world, when the Akibas’ delusional powers opened up a way for Malshina to go to their world in season 1 there where two worm holes. One hole went to the Akiba world and the other hole was to Hatte Saburo’s world. She travelled to Hatte’s world becoming his nurse and gradually influencing him into creating Akibaranger season 2. But, Hatte created General Pain, a nuisance to her plan and turning her to a sub-character again. This ultimately helped her as each time one of his monsters from a old enemy group was defeated and every time the official heroes turned up she would travel to the worlds of past Sentai and take them over, knowing the defeat flags helped her avoid losing. She wants the Akibaranger to help her by stretching out their fight.

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Malshina leaves Delu-knight to finish them off and gives him paper to read about his future happiness setting up many defeat flags. The Penultimate Cannon-Bazooka doesn’t make him go boom, this breaks all the rules of Sentai. Malshina comes back and they run away, I mean, they eject. Malshina talks to the viewer about Hatte’s tyranny like dropping actors, dangling plot threads so she’s taking over now as the face of Sunday Mornings. Oh Shiz

Malshina now has more power than Hatte and has complete control of the Akibas’ own world. Luna gives up again as she can’t use it as a stepping stone even though she should now knows she is only a tv character. Yuko has to leave because her husband suddenly returned to Japan and Nobuo runs off in a hissy fit. Hatte is in bad shape at the hospital and if he dies all the character will stop being.
Nobuo is moping in his closet and Luna ends up at Yuko’s house. Nobuo’s Mother throws his Z-cune at him because it won’t shut up. Luna and Yuko are fighting Delu-Knight on a beach in the delusion world. Luna was thinking about studying evil under Malshina, but remember the faces of Nobuo and Yuko when teaching her about the official Sentai teams so she now wants to fight to see all of her friends happy. She lets out a “Let me tell you before I kill you,” usually a defeat for whoever says it but she runs into Delu-Knight knocking him back a good distance. Nobuo appears, calls the team useless, asks Hakase to marry him and uses Luna and Yuko as human shields. After going Super he lets a “Let me tell you before I kill you” out and smacks Delu-knight a bit, and boom, dead Delu-knight. He begs for forgivness, he had to do these things because defeat flags and victory flags have changed places while Malshina was in charage. Hakase presses her scorpion mark letting off light so we don’t see anything but KozKoz is scared. The ending is a cover of Bandora’s theme from Zyuranger by Malshina’s actress.

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It may have a taken a while but we finally have that big twist we where all expecting which may have lessened the surprise. It’s still all the reasons I love this show. It did feel a little thrown together compared to season 1 almost like they felt they needed a meta style plot twist because that’s what people wanted. While there were little hint in a couple of places it didn’t feel like it was lurking over the whole season like it felt to me personally in the past season. Malshina being in all the sentai seasons did lead to some funny photoshoping. Luna’s character grew but feels a little too late for me plus she didn’t even seem fazed by learning she was a tv character she still just thought about being an idol and later her new sentai friends. Still a very enjoyable episode the whole defeat flags plot was a decent pay off for a long running joke just hope the ending isn’t rushed.  4/5