Akibaranger 03

** Episode 3**

The episode starts out with Hakase wondering how the official DekaRed was in a delusion. Nobuo is out drinking at a bar with his co-workers and after a phone call from Hakase he bumps into Sayaka, the woman he has a crush on but doesn’t even know his actual name. He overhears she doesn’t have a boyfriend and he celebrates with more booze.

On his way home Nobuo sees a man trying to convince a woman in a maids outfit to become a hostess. Being drunk Nobuo sees the man as the monster of the week and enters the grand delusion to fight him and Mitsuki and Yumeria join as soon as they can. Reviling his monster form Yumeria lets out “Cor blimey, he’s hot”. The monster wants to take woman from Akihabara and turn them to hostesses in Kabukichō (an entertainment and red-light district). Nobuo manages to call BoukenRed complete in good luck form into the fight and then the enemy withdraws.

Back at the sentai café Hakase tells the others she believes that Nobuo did better in the fight because he was drunk and therefore more deluded. So Nobuo and Yumeria drink and talk about sentai together. Mitsuki being underage can’t legally drink and doesn’t see the point. She calls Boukenger Bouken Ranger and Nobuo flips out. Mitsuki runs off and ends up at a DVD café.  A place where you can stay and watch DVDs, why aren’t they over here?

Being a drunken sentai geek,  of course Nobuo does karaoke of the Gingaman theme with a microphone attached to a  Super Geki Claw with a GaoRed plush because that is the only way to party. After they’re done, Nobuo and Yumeria spot Mitsuki leaving the DVD café but not before this week’s enemy gets to her. They all enter the grand delusion.

This ending fight is positively hilarious with Nobuo getting stupidly tricked, finding out Yumeria is a fujoshi (a woman who fantasiser about romance between men) and Nobuo being in a few uncomfortable positions with the monster of the week.  Mitsuki has to take charge and we see a new Penultimate power.


This was a very good episode there were plenty of references to keep the diehard fans entertained and the drunkenness provided a lot of golden comedic moment even though a few felt to dragged out. We find out more about Yumeria’s character to make her stand out a little more because other than the cosplay she felt like the middle ground between Mitsuki and Nobuo. Mitsuki character develops and shows she wants to be a sentai member but Nobuo and Yumeria do come off a little like jerks.The monster of the week was a very good character and had an awesome design.I hope they do something with romance between Nobuo and Sayaka. Overall this was an amazing episode 5/5