Akibaranger 04

** Episode 4**

Our episode starts with Mitsuki telling the others she will be at a martial arts camp for the next three days in Lzu and she wants to be focused so she doesn’t want to transform. She asked the others not to be deluded while she’s gone. Hakase says the changers only work in Akihabara anyway but Mitsuki still insists that they shouldn’t be deluded as she would be “worried” about them.

 The next day Nobuo is out on his delivery job but keeps seeing things as suspicious and relating them to past sentai episode. He even runs into Sayaka who tells him that the office she works at has been robbed, Nobuo leaves before he gets deluded. Yumeria is at a yaoi manga signing but can’t keep her fetishes under control and runs out. She is later approached by a man who mistakes her in her cosplay for a little boy before she runs away from him.  Nobuo and Yumeria end up running in to each other.

They go to a cosplay store together as they think being together will help control their delusions. Yumeria tries on a couple of costumes until Nobuo finds a Mele (villainess from Gekiranger) one.  Nobuo then imagines the women from the show in different sentai character costumes and his thoughts get a little dirty. The monster of the week attacks his goal is to take impure thoughts away and purify Akihabara. They enter the grand delusion.

Yumeria fights the drones in the same fighting style of Mele and makes short work of them. They struggle fighting the monster of the week by themselves. Nobuo remembers that characters only show up after being transformed so Mitsuki doesn’t have to comeback herself. The monster of the week brings in a copy of Mitsuki who attacks the other members. Believing this is a brainwash episode they use methods from past sentai episodes. The ending fight was entertaining and a good closing to the episode.


This was a good episode but I felt it didn’t match up to the previous episode. The jokes and references were funny as always but not as in your face as the last episode. It was good to see interaction between Nobuo and Yumeria as they seem to be fast growing friends. Yumeria talking and fighting like Mele was a nice touch. The avoiding of delusions did bring more of the characters to the surface but it wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before.  I liked seeing past sentai costumes as it shows the love put into this show by the makers as this was something they didn’t have to do. An overall good episode but the weakest so far. 4/5