Akibaranger 05

** Episode 5**

The episode starts with Nobuo coming in to the sentai café with everyone already there. Yumeria is there cosplayed as an alien adding pi, pe and po to her sentences. She informs them her mother is coming to visit. Of course Nobuo thinks it will be the normal sentai parental episode and tells Yumeria they’re coming to her house.

At Yumeria’s room it’s all full of otaku stuff looking around you can see a lot of cool sentai merch including a cuddly Speedor from Go-onger, somebody get me one please. Nobuo tells them to hide everything as in the normal parental visit episode the parents try to make them leave the group. We find out that Nobuo still lives with his Mom who threw away some of this figures and try to throw away his hug pillow.

Nobuo trying to hide stuff finds Yumeria’s Yaoi closet and Mitsuki throw’s him out. Nobuo sees a couple and runs back in asking if Yumeria has a boyfriend, they think he’s hitting on her but he just wants to cover up encase it’s a marriage interview episode. Mitsuki says that it might be best if Yumeria gets in to some normal but the doorbell rings and incomes Yumeria’s Mom also dressed as an alien. Turns out Yumeria’s Mom was also a famous cosplayer ba

ck in the day and Yumeria real name is Yamada Yuko, Yumeria is just her cosplay name. They all go out to Akihabara together.

They go shopping and get their pictures taken. In a cosplay store Yumeria’s Mom buys her a pink wig because today is actually her 24th birthday. Together Yumeria and her Mom go to a little restaurant they went to after Yumeria moved out. Nobuo and Mitsuki notice a lot of the stores and cafés have turned into host clubs. Nobuo seeing his once favourite sentai store turned into one runs in angrily. One of the hosts turns into the monster from Episode 3, you know the one that tried to ride Nobuo, and his customer turns into Malshina who bought him back to life. They enter the grand delusion.

The last fight brings in Yumeria and even her Mom comes in and becomes AkibaYellow. It’s a really cool fight that’s well done and funny just like the rest of the series. The penultimate powers come back and there is even a new version of their finisher. The ending of the episode is completely heart-breaking and show’s this may be a comedy but they can explore the human mind with the delusions.


This is a fantastic character based episode while still be very funny and has the usual references you would expect by now. Yumeria and her mother is just a great story revelling more about the character and making you feel for her which is what all good stories should try to do. I didn’t like the fact that Nobuo lives at home as that joke is cliché and overused but that is a minor nit-pick. The action was good as always and this series is still a joy to watch. This episode shows what a good series it is. 5/5