Akibaranger 06

*Episode 6*

Episode 6 starts with Hakase and one of the waitresses in a rather close circumstance but when Nobuo enters the café it turns out they were modelling for Yumeria as she was having writer block and needed something for an Yaoi doujinshi (self-published works) market. Nobuo has a package that needs to be delivered to Toei studios (the makers of Sentai) and takes Mitsuki with him.

Yumeria out of ideas goes for a walk and finds two guys complaining about traveling so far to see an idol show that is sold out. A man approaches them saying he has tickets but they may be a little expensive but do come with backstage passes. While driving to Toei Nobuo runs into Sayaka and there is a pointless detour to drop her off at her office. The man selling the tickets is this week’s monster who has nipple clamps, ummm okay. Yumeria enters the grand delusion and the others join in quickly after.

They are transported to a small theatre. They are quickly attacked with invisible stage walls, tape mine battlefields and the monster from the dark. They lose this fight. Mitsuki , now in a bad mood wants to go home but Nobuo convinces her to stay by making up that she will learn the true meaning of sentai battle. After making the delivery they sneak off into the main studio. Nobuo commences to fanboy over everything as would I. Mitsuki gets angry and storms off but Nobuo follows closely behind.

Mitsuki sees a man sword training and is impressed by his skills. She asks Nobuo who it is and it turns out to be Kazuo Niibori who up to Jetman was the main Red suit actor. She runs up to him and asks to instructor, he accepts thinking she is a suit actor for next year’s sentai. He gives her a crash course is the ways of a suit actor. Yumeria is still out on the street and ends up in the grand delusion but the others do join in shortly after.

This time Mitsuki is really in to the fight and even takes lead in the roll call which she was previously poor at. This time using Mitsuki’s training and there delusions they win the fight against the monster of the week with the help from a new penultimate power. During the fight Malshina hid away and sees a drawing of Hakase and seems to know her and at the end of the episode she has transported to the real world.


This was another really good episode from this series they seem to find a really good balance of humour, references and good characters. This episode gave good character development to Mitsuki as she is now on the same page as the other members, I would have preferred her getting the penultimate power over Nobuo as it was her focus episode. It is strange that Yumeria hasn’t got a penultimate power and Nobuo has two. The Sayaka part didn’t nothing for the episode it seems like they are contracted to put her in every episode even if it’s for a short time like this episode or in a day dream like episode 5. Having Kazuo Niibori was an awesome touch as it gave a spotlight to the suit actors as they are criminally overlooked.  Malshina entering the real world shows the series is actually going to have a plot and not just be a straight comedic silly show and I look forward to seeing the story unfold. I have high hopes that the second half of the series will keep up the same great quality. 5/5