Akibaranger 09

*Episode 9*

We start off with the Akiba gang at the sentai café complaining about the Toei producer not calling them.  Hakase asks for their Moe Moe Z-Cunes thinking they need maintenance they do but Hakase locks them up. She tells them the Akibarangers are no more and kicks them out, how rude. Nobuo is completely upset but the women see this as a chance to get back to their normal lives. Yumeria gets a call on her phone from Malshina pretending to be the producer wanting to make a meeting for tomorrow in their full suits but Yumeria say about their transformation device. Nobuo takes the phone and say they will be making the meeting. Yumeria and Mitsuki leave him thinking he wants to go steal them back. The shadowy man from the end of the last episode is shown breaking into the sentai café.

Later, Mitsuki is having trouble practicing martial arts moves and Yumeria has problems coming up for manga stories. Nobuo runs out of his house in a homemade AkibaRed cosplay which is just amazing. The shadowy man appears to him and gives Nobuo his Moe Moe Z-cune. Nobuo runs off to find this week’s sub-section chief which is Paca from last week’s big brother and he goes into the grand delusion. Malshina gives Yumeria and Mitsuki their Z-cunes telling them Nobuo is in trouble. Hakase can’t stop them and the delusion ejection system won’t work. Turns out the ejection system just needs new batteries and then takes the Akibas out the delusion and the Paca follows them out completely destroy the wall between reality and delusion.

The Paca goes round attacking people and the Akibarangers can’t transform.  Sayaka, we haven’t seenher for a while,  is attacked and after giving a rising speech Nobuo manages to transform as he is the man who’s geekiness can take down the wall between reality and delusion.  Nobuo uses the penultimate to finish the Paca. The shadowy man appears and reveals to be Doctor Z, any relation to Lord? And he is in fact Hakase’s father but doesn’t analogies as this since she became the voice actress of Z-cune Aoi. Things are heating up now.


The only minor thing I can say bad about this episode is the pacing feels a little off but that no way interferes with the enjoyment of this episode. It seems every problem I have is fixed within the next episode like the way the humour and serious moment mix which is great here. The story is really starting to pick up and putting twists and turns here and there well it’s just great writing. This is the episode where Nobuo finally becomes a hero and with only a handful of episodes left I can’t wait to see what happens. If you haven’t watched this yet then what are you waiting for. 5/5