Akibaranger 11

*Episode 11*

The episode opens up with a different style recap and using a different verse for the intro song almost telling you something is different from the let go. At the sentai café they are saying their last goodbyes to Nobuo as he leaves for the pentagon and hands his Moe Moe Z-Cune to Takuma so he can be the new AkibaRed. At his hide-out Doctor Z disbands Guerrilla Marketing turning it into the Delusion Empire and Delu-Knight introduces the new monster, a Deluborg called Drill Cyclops. This upset Malshina and she runs off.

At the sentai café the Akibas are taking things seriously even having new jackets and calling Hakase commander. They go off to fight Delu-Knight and Drill Cyclops complete with serious roll call. While on his bike Nobuo runs into Malshina, wanting his help she tells him about the Delusion Empire. He is reminded of Sun Vulcan when Red Eagle is replaced. Nobuo takes the paper work he needs to enter the military base throwing it off a bridge, if his theory is correct it will return to him and it does. Nobuo connects the plot twists, the rising stakes and the new villain and becomes aware that this is a TV show.

The Akibarangers manage to defeat Drill Cyclops. Nobuo tries to rip the paper work but members of the department of defence appear to take him. Malshina steps in the way of the gun fire so he can go find the truth. Nobuo catches up to the Akibas telling them it’s a TV show but they don’t believe him. He tells them to stay still and quiet so the giveaway scroll appears then he grabs its. Mitsuki and Yumeria see it and believe. Nobuo believes someone is trying to take their little nerd show and turn it into a serious sentai. Takuma suddenly gets a call to go back to interpool and Hakase’s curse disappears as the new direction has stopped.  Someone on the production side is twisting the show.


This was a fantastic episode it keeps going into directions that I can’t foresee.  It’s great when I’ve been noticing it’s getting serious like an official sentai and that was the idea. The show is just incredibly smart and well written. It’s been putting these clues in different episodes and has been paid off for instance mentioning the giveaway scroll in an earlier episode. The change of direction is a great reference to sentai and other similar shows and the executives are allowing this portrayal of them.  This started as a comedy show got more serious and now almost examining television. Anything can happen in Akibaranger. I looks forward to see the conclusion 5/5