Go-Busters 02

The liked the first scene of the episode since it showed the consequences of a Megazord battle. I always wondered where the debris would go in previous seasons so it’s nice to see the Go-Busters cleaning up after themselves. Seeing at they belong to an organization, it is a good idea that they do this.

I really liked the investigation scene at the beginning for two reasons. One, because they were in ‘spy mode’ and two, because it set up Hiromu and Yoko’s weaknesses. I love Hiromu’s weakness especially for reasons that I mentioned in the Mission 1 review. I found it hilarious how Nick had to carry Hiromu to the battle. Surprisingly, I also like their individual powers of super speed for Hiromu, super strength for Ryuuji and super…jump (?) for Yoko. It was nice to see Yoko’s actress performing the wire stunt herself since we don’t usually get that. I really hope these powers are used throughout the season and not forgotten within the first 10 episodes.

This episode provides some backstory for the Energy Management Centre and the Go-Busters. I know this has been mentioned by a lot of fans, but I definitely saw the similarities between this plot and the Power Rangers RPM plot. However, I don’t think that the Go-Busters production team were influenced by RPM. I’m glad we got some backstory this early, but I have a feeling that we’ll see more flashbacks exploring further into the events that took place 13 years ago.

I’m definitely warming up to Ryuuji, mostly because of his facial expressions! I don’t really like Yoko much at the moment since I find her really annoying. Hopefully we’ll see some changes or redeeming factors, but right now she’s not my favourite. Hiromu is just there for me at the moment. I don’t dislike him, but I don’t particularly like him either.

While Go-Busters may be disappointing in terms of characters, the action is definitely living up to expectations. I’m glad that we’re seeing a lot more hand-to-hand combat compared to Gokaiger’s excessive (but still awesome) use of the swords and guns. The battles are now really fast paced and it just looks awesome. However, I do hope that the timer won’t be in the corner of every battle. I know it serves a point in the story, but still, it can become really distracting. During the battle, we also saw what I think is the roll call; I’m not really sure. If it is the roll call, then I’m not a fan of it. I do like the ‘Busters, Ready Go!’ line, but I just prefer the flashier ones.


I don’t really have much to say about this episode, but I thought it was decent. I give this episode a 3/5.

(Sorry for the delays in the reviews. I’ve had so much college work recently, but I hope to catch up within the week)