Go-Busters 03 & 04

This episode, while centric on the plot, was mostly about the characters for me. I actually really like both Hiromu and Yoko after their interaction here and it great to see to this drama intercut with the hospital plot. I especially loved the scene where they mocked each other’s weak points with Ryuuji being the voice of reason between them. This was a perfect display of the family relationship between the three of them and it’ll be interesting to see this develop in future episodes.

I really noticed the fight choreography in this episode. It has been co-ordinated perfectly and it leads to me believe that the actors ARE actually INSIDE the suits (I know they’re not, but it’s credible). Combined with the awesome-looking cinematography, the fights in this episode, both unmorphed and morphed, are just really exciting to watch.

There were some genuinely creepy moments in this episode thanks to the infected cyborg-human…things(?); I don’t really know what to call them. It didn’t help that the Needleroid was INJECTING people.

The Mecha battle for this episode just topped the previous two in terms of awesomeness. From GT-02 Gorilla using the bridge as monkey-bars to the banana missiles. The battle actually provided a lot of drama and suspense which is something that has been lacking in previous seasons. I love how the mecha scenes were linked to the on-ground action, which is a definitely a good point of having both Metaroids and Megazords. As with previous episodes, the cinematography is amazing, and this episode has the added bonus of partially taking place in the night which just adds to the look.

This episode, unlike Episode 1 and 2, has completely sold me on Go-Busters. I give this episode a 5/5.

Strangely, the episode begins with explaining the geography of the Go-Busters headquarters. It’s a nice and appreciated detail, but it does seem a little random. The pre-titles sequence that follows sets up some key plot points and answers a very important question. It’s always good when they do this. We also see a dark side to the Commander, a side that I don’t like. I’m pretty sure it’s intentional to make his character unlikeable, but yeah, I don’t like him. As for the other two staff members, we still know very little about their personalities, but I’m still sure that they’ll get some development eventually. The Commander mentions that he strongly believes that everyone involved in the events 13 Years Ago are dead, but I have a feeling they’ll be back.

I haven’t mentioned Enter for a while, but I’m still enjoying his presence and Gratuitous French. I love how he taunts the Go-Busters and seems like he doesn’t care, but in reality is actually plotting and knows exactly what he’s doing.

It seemed strange to me to see a Megazord get so badly damaged just four episodes into the show, but I suppose they are setting up the need for a future combination between the three Machines, so it is necessary. I actually do like this damage because it shows that battles aren’t always easy and can’t just be dealt with by a simple finisher. Also, the Go-Busters didn’t exactly win which is quite strange; Enter mentions that he managed to steal quite a considerable amount of Enetron.

After the revelation at the end, I do respect the Commander a little more. The plan to put a tracker in the Enetron is genius, even if the tracker did get damaged in the teleportation. At least the Energy Management Centre is actively looking for ways to shut down Messiah instead of waiting for the next attack.

I enjoyed this episode, not as much as Episode 3, but enough to warrant a 4/5.