Go-Busters 05 & 06

Similar to last episode, this episode begins with explanation, providing further information into the Go-Busters world. This time, the Vaglass Megazord types are explained. I like this little detail as usually these are either explained only on the official website or not explained at all.

This episode is the first to show Ryuuji’s weak point of overheating and becoming extremely aggressive. This has to be the worst of all the weak points since this can actually affect the Go-Busters significantly too. I really felt for Youko as she was attacked by her usually-calm older brother figure, especially when she broke down into tears. Then she just wiped away her tears and continued on with the mission. This whole scene just made me appreciate Youko a lot more. I loved the interaction between Youko, Hiromu and Nick following this as Hiromu was unknowingly inconsiderate towards her.

During the Megazord battle, Hiromu freezes at the sight of a cartoon chicken on a billboard. I found this hilarious, especially because of the massive Go-Buster Ace frozen mid-swing. This does make we wonder though, ‘Why chickens!?’.  I also found it hilarious when Youko suddenly collapses due to her ‘batteries running out’ after called both Hiromu and Ryuuji sloppy. Following this scene is a really great cliffhanger which just made me go ‘Oh hell no’.

Due to the interaction and development of all three characters, I give this episode a 5/5

I’m really surprised that the Vaglass have gained entry in the Go-Busters headquarters only 6 episode in! I do really like this because it just shows how much of a threat the Vaglass are. I genuinely had no idea how the Go-Busters were going to get out of the situation. It does make me wonder if the Vaglass will gain entry in the future with another Metaroid with an equally useful power.

I like that the debut of Go-Buster-Oh was linked to the character drama. More often than not, Megazords debut in Episode 2 with little trouble and all is good. This episode revolves around Hiromu not being able to get the timing right for the combination sequence, whereas the more experienced Youko and Ryuuji are perfect. This story then also becomes linked with the Vaglass invasion where Ryuuji throws Hiromu though a closing bulkhead door without hesitation. I just love how all three plots have come together this perfectly.

I wondered how they’d handle GoBuster-Oh’s combination sequence since it would obviously require more complex and probably more expensive effects which could be difficult to recreate in every episode. I’m completely fine with the decision of using stock footage for this. I did like that a force field surrounds the combination sequence which explains why the Vaglass don’t just destroy GoBuster-Oh during that period.  I’m actually really underwhelmed by GoBuster-Oh’s first battle, which usually are the most intricate and ‘flashy’, but this battle was just ‘block the attack (Side note, the shield was so cool) and perform the finisher’ (also cool). I’m hoping for a lot more from GoBuster-Oh in the future.

While this episode was good, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as some previous episodes. Therefore, I give this episode a 4/5.