Go-Busters 07 & 08

I enjoy how this episode showed us the ‘behind the scenes’ of the Energy Management Centre, even going as far as showing us the maintenance routines. This is something is obviously takes place with most Mecha in previous seasons, but it’s something we don’t usually get to see. It showed that the maintenance team are just as important as the Go-Busters themselves in the war against the Vaglass.

The conflict between Hiromu and Koyama, the maintenance crew member who broke Ace, was interesting since they’re on entirely different levels in the Energy Management Centre. Hiromu, stubborn as ever, doesn’t forgive Koyama at all for not properly maintaining Ace, even thought it was a mistake. The scene where Hiromu realizes the amount of work that goes into maintaining Ace was nice, especially when he appreciates that Koyama didn’t quit as soon as he made the mistake.

I haven’t mentioned Enter in a while, so I’ll talk a little about him. He is still awesome to me, from his gratuitous French to his disguises. I like how he’s actively coming up with new methods to steal large amounts of Enetron. I thought it was strange that we only have one subordinate villain this year, but I think it really works. If we had more villains, they’d just be stood around without a purpose.

This episode marks the second appearance of GoBuster-Oh and unfortunately, it did not improve much of Mission 6’s appearance. It was given a small amount more screen time, but it still didn’t actually do much apart from swing its sword. I’m still holding onto the hope that we’ll see more of GoBuster-Oh in the future.

I give this episode a 5/5 as it provided some character development for Hiromu while also giving us insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of the EMC.

The episode begins with a pretty cool montage of Ryuuji training, both on the ground and with GT-02 (featuring the return of the Banana Missiles!). We soon learn that the Energy Management Centre have designed a new Megazord, and of course, the Vaglass have broken into the high-security facility where this design is being kept. When the Go-Busters arrive at the facility, they are met by Enter, and after morphing we see a stock-footage style roll call. I really liked this as it felt more like a roll call compared to what we’ve had in previous episodes. I wouldn’t mind at all if they used this in most episodes because it looks impressive and I like roll calls to have this quality.

For some reason, I found it hilarious how Enter was just walking around a hardware store with a laptop, just looking for something to transform into a Metaroid. Speaking of Enter, I love how he continues to prove himself against the Go-Busters; mostly by using his wire…things (I’m not really sure what to call them…).

When Kazuya asked the Go-Busters to step outside while he ‘typed in the password’ to activate a security lockdown, I was already suspicious of him. It came to no surprise to me when it was revealed that Enter was receiving help from the inside, and that help was Kazuya. When we think that everything is safe since Kazuya changes his mind, Enter steals the designs right out of his hands. I like how this didn’t end with Enter losing, but with him actually winning for a change!

I don’t really have much to say about this episode, but it was okay – not brilliant, but not bad. Therefore, I give Mission 8 a 3/5