Go-Busters 09 & 10

While we’ve seen interaction between the Buddyroids and the Go-Busters, it’s been quite limited. This episode actually focused on the relationship between Usada and Yoko, which I liked. I found Usada and Yoko’s argument hilarious and it’s strange how such a comedic situation like that can be turned into a serious story which displays Usada and Yoko’s relationship. (A good ‘strange’, that is…if that makes sense AT ALL).

I really loved all the plotting and effort that went into getting Usada back, and when we think Usada has been obliterated, it’s yet another plan that’s gone ahead.

I’ve noticed how the individual Buster Machines are getting focus, even after GoBuster-Oh has debuted. It allows for more varied Mecha battles and I we don’t usually get a lot of that, so I love it.

I don’t have much to say about this episode, but I did really love it; from the character development to the comedy. I give this episode a 5/5.

The episode begins with the Go-Busters already on a mission, which is always a good way to start an episode. As the Go-Busters are confronted by the Vaglass, we see a stock footage morph sequence! While I do enjoy the type of morph sequences we’ve seen up until now, I’m perfectly fine with the use of stock footage here. The way Go-Busters is going; I don’t see them completely ditching the ‘on-the-spot’ morphs, so seeing the occasional use of stock footage is fine.

This episode sees the return of Hiromu’s sister, Rika! The first episode led me to believe that Rika would be a major character, or at least a major recurring character, but it’s taken her 9 episodes to reappear again. It doesn’t bother me much, but it’s just something I thought of. I particularly enjoyed the interaction between Rika and Nick because their relationship is quite unusual. Seeing the battle up close and knowing that Hiromu is fighting to protect everyone because wants to, Rika understands the situation. Now that she understands why Hiromu is fighting, I wonder how she’ll develop in future episodes (if she even reappears that is).

This episode also sees the return of the creepy-robot-zombie-people. It looks like they might be a recurring thing. It’s a clever idea from Enter to use actual people as his henchmen at times. As the Go-Busters attempted to rescue these civilians, it was genuinely tense. I actually felt like they might not be able to save everyone…even thought I knew they would because they ALWAYS do.

I give this episode a 5/5.