Go-Busters 11 & 12

Once again, the episode starts with the Go-Busters having already been dispatched and soon enough we’re introduced to Gorisaki’s safety device. I’ve said before that I love Gorisaki, and this just adds to that. He reminds me a little of Deneb from Kamen Rider Den-O, always looking after and pestering Yuuto (Sorry if you don’t watch Kamen Rider, hehe). I find it really weird that I love all the Buddyroids so much considering they’re just suits and voiceovers. However, the suit actors (well, except Usada) characterise them perfectly and then the voices are just perfect. Is it wrong that I like them more than the Go-Busters themselves?

Also at the beginning of this episode, Enter gets some more action. Enter is another character I love and the fact that he can’t be beaten by three Go-Busters is just awesome. I wonder how long it’ll take for Enter to be joined by another villain since usually new commanders come and go. Or maybe he won’t be joined by anyone and it’ll just be Enter and Messiah for the whole season. I’m not sure if I’d like that because there wouldn’t be much change in the dynamics.

The climactic battles in this episodes were particularly good with Ryuuji struggling against Fanroid and Go-Buster Ace attempting to fight a flying Megazord. I thought it was really intense and it just proves that the Vaglass are a force to be reckoned with.

I love Ryuuji and Gorisaki’s arc in this episode, from Gorisaki being reserved to then saying what he wants to Ryuuji. I give this episode a 5/5.

This episode features an actress who looks exactly like Yoko, and of course, Yoko will pretend to be this actress in order to protect a certain item. I feel like I’ve seen this plot so many times already. I’m not sure where I’ve seen it, but I definitely recognize it. Even at the beginning, I already wasn’t a fan because of this unoriginal plot. However, it could be executed in a completely unique way, so I gave it a chance.

I thought the Copyroid was a good idea, but his plans weren’t exactly executed in the best way. If Copyroid really wanted the crystal, he should’ve not run towards Angie/Yoko like a crazy person, but acted as a bodyguard and taken it in a more discreet way. This was just an observation of mine and it doesn’t really affect my judgement of the episode.

Overall, I think the unoriginal story was handled pretty well and allowed the Go-Busters to go into ‘spy mode’ once again (which I really love). I found it hilarious how Yoko-as-Angie fighting Copyroid was hand-waved as a ‘movie promotion’ and the press just continued to take photos. Then, Yoko-as-Angie and Copyroid leave and the real Angie takes to the stage. I wonder if the press ever questioned what just happened.

While I did enjoy the episode, I didn’t feel there was a lot of substance really. Therefore, I give this episode a 3/5.