Go-Busters 13 & 14

This episode seems to be the traditional day off episode; any season where the Rangers work for a corporation of some kind, it’s likely they’ll have a day-off episode at some point. This time, Yoko takes the Buddyroids and the other Busters to an amusement park for an unknown reason. One thing I noticed during their time at the amusement park is that no-one seems to care about the Buddyroids (well, apart from a few odd looks). For a city that is regularly attacked by ‘evil robots’, people should really be more wary of them.

Of course, this time at the amusement park is short-lives as Tubaroid attacks. (As a side note, I really love Tubaroid for some reason. I think it might be because of his catchphrase “Boe~”. I love it). Nick says “We’ll evacuate the people” and Usada goes off to do that. I wondered, how can Usada help in this situation!? He can’t even fight off Buglers without Nick having to help. He needs a defence mechanism of some kind, even if it’s just lasers or something. Usada even had to be shoved into a shaft by Gorisaki to escape. I just find this amusing.

The Yoko and Usada interactions in this episode were particularly good. The scenes where Usada was put on the carousel and Ferris wheel alone where Yoko expected him to have fun were just hilarious. I think Yoko and Usada have to be my favourite characters in Go-Busters right now. Well, Gorisaki is quite awesome too. I actually felt sorry for Yoko when she’s told to cancel all the plans for the day off, even though I didn’t even know why the day was so important to her. That’s always a good sign.

After defeating Tubaroid, in a shocking (but not) twist, a second Tubaroid appears and the episode ends! I believe this is our first two-parter, if I’m remembering correctly. I’m surprised it’s taken until Episode 13 and 14 to get one. Anyway, the Go-Busters fight the second Tubaroid, Red and Blue’s visors break (which is awesome) and Yoko is captured.

To save Yoko, Hiromu and Ryuuji have to go into ‘spy mode’ to break into the auditorium where Yoko is being held. Instead of breaking in however, Hiromu ‘pulls an Enter’ and uses a diguise. He disguises himself as Enter and acts as if he’s captured Ryuuji. Hiromu as Enter was perfect – the mannerisms were spot on!

They manage to free Yoko, defeat Tubaroid 2, scrap the Tubazord and return to the base to continue Yoko’s party. I don’t have much to say about part 2, but I definitely enjoyed it. Then, we cut to the Commander in a forest where he meets Beet Buster and Beet J Stag, a great lead-in to the next episode!


From the interaction between the characters to the overall plot of the episodes, I thoroughly enjoyed these episodes. I give them both a 5/5.