Go-Busters 17 & 18

This episode starts with GT-02 being dispatched, seemingly off to fight a Megazord. But no, it’s just BC-04 and SJ-05 stealing Enetron. The exchange between Ryuuji and Jin following this was great. I think I’m starting to like Jin a lot more now. I wasn’t a big fan of his to start with, but he’s definitely growing on me. I know I’m skipping, but the final scene just sold me on Jin even more where just takes Ryuuji’s money because he’s the ‘oldest’.

A plot point in this episode involves the EMC giving a massive tank of Enetron to Jin. Surely there must’ve been a way of giving this to Jin without flying it over the city. Doing it this way is practically an invitation for Enter to steal it. Speaking of Enter, I the scene of him in the restaurant hilarious – just the fact that he’s sat there alone, talking to Messiah…yeah.

The main plot of this episode was focused around Ryuuji. Jin points out that he’s lost his desire to become an engineer and has little reason to be fighting. Later in the episode, during a Megazord battle where all hope is nearly lost, Ryuuji screams “I want to finish this battle, and become an engineer”. I loved this scene because it was Ryuuji showing a new side that we haven’t seen before since he’s usually the strait guy (well, apart from when he’s overheated)

I’m not sure whether I like Go-Buster Beet yet. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the look of it that I’m not quite sure about. However, I do like the ladder arms and all their attacks; very reminiscent of Lightspeed Rescue. I especially like how the ladder arm becomes a runway for SJ-05.

I thought this was a decent episode, not bad, but not great either. I just didn’t feel like there was much going on. I give this episode a 3/5

The episode beings with Yoko looking at pictures of beetles in an encyclopaedia or sorts. She also points out that Beet J Stag’s name in Japanese would be Kabutomushi Jueki Kuwagatamushi, which I just find amazingly hilarious. It’s just a testament to how crazy and nonsensical names in both Sentai and Kamen Rider can be sometimes. Soon, we hear of unusual Enetron usage and Nakamura sees that a Megazord is being transported. “Time till the Megazord finishes its transport…Eh!? Zero seconds. Transport complete…” That was such a great ‘Oh, crap’ moment. I love those moments. Nick provided quite a unique reaction to this (as seen in the picture…I’m sure you got that).

Unusually, this Megazord has transported 3000 Meters underground!  This provides a unique setting for a Megazord battle – a cave, 3000 meters underground. I always enjoy seeing Megazords in unique settings rather than the usual city or mountainous area. I felt like the battles went on a little too long, however.

I loved the interaction between J and Yoko this episode, especially since they haven’t really interacted before this episode. At first, Yoko is slightly annoyed by J, but she soon warms up to him after he gives Yoko some sap from a tree to recharge her batteries. As a side not, I found Usada’s line “Licking up sap like that, why don’t you become a kuwagata, Yoko?” amusing.

I don’t know where to put this in the review, so I’ll just put it here – Jin showing a picture of a chicken to Hiromu, putting his helmet on, and then carrying him away was just hilarious. As I said in the previous review, I’m really starting to like Jin because of funny moments like this. I applaud him.

Again, like the previous episode, I thought this episode was decent. The Yoko/J scenes were great, but the Megazord battles (while cool-looking) just went on a little too long. I give this episode a 3/5.