Go-Busters 19 & 20

The episode starts with what seems like a showdown – Nick, Gorisaki and Usada against J (complete with tumbleweed).  But no, it’s just a delusion (I’ve clearly been watching too much Akibaranger). After Gorisaki asks J if he even knows their names, J proceeds to name and describe them: Gorisaki, the skilled mechanic; Usada, the excellent data administrator and Nick, the Bike Man. I love how even though Nick expresses his frustration at being called this, J is just completely stoic and seemingly doesn’t even realize that Nick is offended by this.

Later, Gorisaki talks to Nick after noticing that he’s been training a lot recently. This scene is just presented so well and as I’ve said before, it’s really strange how a scene between two costumed/robotic humanoids can be so compelling. This is followed by a montage of Nick trying out several different professions. This whole montage is just amazingly amusing as he goes from chef, to artist, and then to BEAUTICIAN – complete with fake nails, eyelashes, a wig, and a dress. It was definitely one of those ‘what the hell am I watching!?’ moments.

Later, Nick is confronted by Spanneroid, a Metaroid capable of dismantling Nick. Gorisaki said earlier in the episode, referring to J: ‘he’s the battle-type Buddyroid’, meaning that they’re not ones to fight. Is there actually anything stopping Nick from fighting, or is it just their choice? I noticed that Nick wasn’t even trying to put up a fight at some points. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve missed something in a previous episode. They must have some experience if they managed train the Go-Busters. I can just imagine Usada fighting though – just sat there, firing lasers.

This episode goes from comedic to somewhat serious where we see a development in the relationship between Hiromu and Nick. I like how this episode used both of these aspects, because while I do enjoy comedic episodes, it’s nice for an episode to contribute to the characters and/or the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. 5/5

Wow, quite a lot of this happened in this episode. I guess I’ll just go from the beginning…as usual (Redundant statement alert). The episode begins with Hiromu playing the musical-Christmas-box-thing that was found in the subdimension. Yoko walks in and notices this, even though Hiromu tries to hide it. Upon watching, I figured this scene would play in important part in this episode.

The Busters are soon called out to face Filmroid (I didn’t realize he was voiced by Kenichi Suzumura, the voice of Ryuutaros from Kamen Rider Den-O until after I watched the episode…even though the voices are pretty much identical! I now can’t un-hear it!). Anyway, Filmroid creates copies of the Go-Busters for the annual team-vs-team episode. The battle doesn’t last for long however, so it just seems a little random and thrown-in.

The Filmzord appears and creates a bubble around part of the city. This bubble is revealed to be a projection of the Subdimension. I’ll add this; the shots of the Filmzord in the subdimension with the red background and the matrix-like text projected onto the building just look amazing. To enter this projected subdimension, Jin begins work, along

projects their individual wishes – For Yoko, Usada wanting to forget out studying; for Ryuuji, Jin telling him he’s a better mechanic; and for Hiromu, his family, alive and in front of him. The scenes of Yoko and Ryuuji going along with their wishes are hilarious, with Jin giving Ryuuji a massage and Yoko with the crew of the EMC, on a new combination.

The next day, the Busters fight Filmroid once again, who dancing around Usada. Of course, Ryuuji and Yoko weren’t really falling for Filmroid’s tricks. Alongside these comedy moments however, there’s Hiromu, who is finally reunited with his ‘family’ – and it’s this that takes him longer to snap out of his vision/projection.

Great Go-Busters looks remarkable. I especially love the glowing-blue eyes. The whole thing just looks so powerful. It even carries and staff AND a gun….AND it doesn’t even walk, it rolls! (which is a common thing amongst these Ultrazord-esque mechas, but nonetheless, it’s cool). The scene of Great Go-Buster in the subdimension-bubble was especially good. An awesome-looking Zord in an awesome-looking environment is the perfect combination.

Once again, a 5/5 from me for this episode. So many plot points were juggled in this episode which kept me entertained for the entire duration.