Go-Busters 23 & 24

Its Yoko’s birthday and the Buddyroids sing Happy Birthday (badly, yet somehow amazingly) until Jin and J interrupt, giving her flowers. During this scene, I felt like I had already scene all this before. This might be due to the other Yoko-focus episode that was about a birthday. It just seems odd to me. The team have a barbeque on the roof, and they soon start talking about Yoko’s mother, revealing that she was a Megazord pilot.

Elsewhere, Enter and Escape make a deal – Escape handles the Metaroids while Enter handles the Megazords. Escape soon creates her latest Metaroid – the Jishakuroid. Of course, the obligatory Magnet-Monster of the year. I have no idea why there have been so many Magnet-Monsters in Sentai. Or have there been? Maybe I’m just over-thinking it. It feels like there’ve been a lot of them. Jishakuroid has the power of magnets (obviously), and stick any two objects/people together. Hiromu and Nick, and Ryuuji and Jin are some of the victims.

After the battle, Yoko comes across a parent and child who, because of Jishakuroid’s power, cannot get close to each other. Yoko’s maternal instincts kick in, and she takes care of the child for now. Jin nearby, sees a resemblance in Yoko to her own mother. With a Metaroid and Megazord on the loose, Jin and Yoko have no choice but to leave the child. They don…motocross gear (Okay…), which seems to have the power to deflect Jishakuroid’s attacks…somehow. It doesn’t last long though, so it’s kind of pointless I suppose.

Jin and Yoko are in a pinch, and the remaining Go-Busters are still stuck together. In amongst all this chaos, it is revealed that if Jin is injured, his real self in the subdimension will also be injured. Yoko, not wanting Jin to get hurt, takes control of the situation and does a pretty cool mid-air morph. Yoko destroys Jishakuroid’s hair (Yep…that happened), and all is restored. Awesome roll call, awesome finisher, Megazords, Kaboom.

Overall, I give this episode a 2/5. It just felt really odd and uninteresting to me. The parent and child thing just felt a little random and the motocross gear battle was a little pointless, but I did like that we saw Yoko’s mother.

The episode begins with Ryuuji and Yoko wondering where Hiromu is (since Yoko wants him to do her homework, which I found way too amusing (and especially since Usada was hiding around the corner)). Cue montage – featuring Hiromu and Nick shopping, playing baseball, going to the cinema and all that other out-of-character stuff. But then, we find out that he’s doing something even more out of character – performing in a summer festival!

Ryuuji and Yoko go and investigate and find Hiromu performing with group of people, all with a particular circus-style act. Hiromu specializes in juggling, complete with the clown outfit. Understandably, Ryuuji and Yoko are quite surprised. I love how they just wander on stage and start mocking Hiromu, seemingly unaware that everyone is watching. After taking Ryuuji and Yoko into an alley, Hiromu reveals that he used to belong to this club in school.

Elsewhere, Enter strolls around in traditional Japanese clothing (I have no idea what they’re called. Kimono? Or is that something else?). I’ve probably said this before, but I love how Enter just wanders around looking for a subject for Metaroid-arize in his costumes and he just doesn’t even care. I love it. He creates Wataameloid, based off a cotton-candy machine (or candy floss as I call it here in the UK). His unique way of collecting Enetron is to swirl his sticks around, similar to how cotton candy is made. I really like all these different and creative ways the Metaroids collect Enetron. Ryuuji, Yoko, Jin and J fight Wataameloid, he escapes, back to the festival show-thing!

The Go-Busters suspect that Wataameloid will target Hiromu’s show next and Hiromu refuses to cancel the show, showing that he must really care about this show. FLASHBACKS. Hiromu in school. Originally just reading books alone all the time, until he is coerced into going to the club where he has a knack for juggling.

Wataameloid returns. Go-Busters defeat him. CRISIS! Shitara is attacked by a Megazord while attempting to rescue her purse! Red Buster saves her in the nick of time and discovers that Shitara only went back for her bag because it contained an important photo of the group, a photo, that after the Megazord battle, would be given to Hiromu.

Similar to the previous episode, I just didn’t really get into this episode. I’m not really sure why. Sorry I can’t really elaborate more, hehe. I give this episode a 2/5.