Go-Busters 25 & 26

On a rooftop, the same rooftop they seem to be using in every other episode, at night, lit by a single candle, Jin is in the middle of telling a scary story to the Yoko, Nakamura and the Buddyroids. I found this scene quite amusing, especially the part where Nick falls backwards off his chair. Morishita and Hiromu watch from nearby and notice that Ryuuji is missing. In fact, Ryuuji is sat down in the base with Kurorin and he wonders what kind of situation Jin’s real body in undergoing in the subdimension. This is something I’ve wondered too; is his body just laying there, is it in a chamber of thoughts? I have no idea, but I’m glad that someone has brought it up.

Later, or the next day I presume, Enter meets Escape on a riverbank. Some signs of ‘sibling rivalry’ or something, which I like, before Escape creates Rousokuroid (Candleroid). It’s not long before the Red, Blue and Yellow Busters arrive and are quickly put ‘under a spell’ by looking into the fire on top of Rousokuroid’s head. They each enter some sort of dream world – Ryuuji faces some sort of zombie-things, Yoko encounters a really creepy ghost and of course, Hiromu faces a giant chicken. Back in the real world, the Go-Busters are on the floor, flinching and whatever, except for Red who is just frozen with his hands in the air. Red Buster amused me way too much here for some reason. Escape arrives and is not impressed by Rousokuroid’s work and they both leave.

Jin and J arrive and J’s habit of covering Jin comes in handy for once as Rousokuroid’s hypnotism has no effect on robots! Jin and J run at Rousokuroid with Jin morphing behind J and jumping over him. It looked awesome…especially the pieces from J transferring onto Jin, I don’t know how to explain it, it just looked awesome. It’s not long before Jin extinguishes the flame and the Go-Busters (except Hiromu) return to normal. *Looks at time counter* Only 10 minutes in? That was…fast. I do enjoy that Hiromu is still frozen after being transported to the base too!

At the base they discover that whatever happens in the dream world can affect real life, for example, Ryuuji has a bite mark on his arm where a zombie bit him in his dream. This leads into a scene between Ryuuji and Jin about what can happen to Jin’s body if Avatar!Jin is damaged. Ryuuji wonders if Jin’s body has even aged at all. This seems logical to me – maybe all the people in the subdimension are in stasis or something? Unfortunately, we don’t get an answer just yet because it turns out that Rousokuroid and Escape are attacking a TV station. This leads into an AWESOME fight between Escape and Ryuuji. This is a case of ‘wire-fu’ with Escape being done right and not being overused –glances at later Disney PR seasons-. The climax of the fight involves Ryuuji standing directly in front of a studio light, awakening his overheated Hulk-like self….and then the fight just gets even more awesome as Overheated!Ryuuji just goes mental. Escape escapes, of course.

There’s some Megazord stuff, but it’s not particularly interesting. But then, the final scene; It’s Picnic time! Hiromu and Ryuuji wonder if everyone in the subdimension is abnormal like Jin. Ryuuji says, “A painful confusion might be awaiting you and Yoko”, which is something you don’t want to hear. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this whole thing gets resolved. Before this episode, I was so ‘meh’, but now I’m starting to get interested.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode; therefore I give it a 5/5.

The episode begins with Nakamura giving Hiromu’s misplaced pen to Yoko. Yoko wonders why Nakamura doesn’t just give the pen back to Hiromu herself, but she says she doesn’t talk to Hiromu outside of work. As of this moment, I was already onboard with the episode, seeing as Nakamura hasn’t done anything this season…well, apart from telling us that a Megazord is downloading. Anyway, Yoko tells her to give to him herself, and Nakamura seems a little nervous.

Elsewhere, a teacher tells a class to open their textbooks, but oh wait- It’s Enter…speaking to an empty class. He creates Keshigomuroid (Eraser-roid), well, he tries to anyway. It just reverts back to an eraser – a ‘failed product’ apparently. But never fear, a Megazord is already being transmitted! Enter leaves, throwing the eraser in the process. But then, the eraser stands up, calling for his boss! Yep, a tiny eraser Metaroid-thing. From this little scene, I assume it’s going to be a somewhat comedic episode.

There’s an Enetron spike and the Go-Busters are deployed. On their way out, Hiromu is stopped by Nakamura who gives him back his pen. He’s less than impressed since there’s an emergency situation going on. It’s just a vision though, in reality, Nakamura has stopped Hiromu, but has just frozen. Nakamura just lets them go.

Back at the school, and Keshigomuroid has grown miniature arms and legs. He runs into the corridor screaming ‘Boss, please wait!’ where the Busters arrive and face off Enter. The Busters wonder where the Metaroid is, but Enter plays it off cool and acts like the failure is part of his master plan, which I found hilarious. The Busters don’t fall for it, Jin and J arrive, and Enter escapes. They disperse and return to the EMC, but J suspects something…

Upon returning, it seems that the Buddyroids have forgotten something. Nakamura checks the Megazord data, but it’s all disappeared. Usada’s Megazord data has disappeared! Morishita’s surveillance camera access has disappeared! It’s Keshigomuroid of course – hiding around a corner. Keshigomuroid explains that he clung to Hiromu as he went back to base and then quickly erased things. It’s another vision – this time of Enter, stroking Keshigomuroid, calling him the greatest Metaroid ever and kissing him. AMAZING.

Nakamura manages to recover the countdown and the Zords deploy. Ace, GT-02 and RH-03 await a Megazord, but the countdown disappears again. The Busters are confused and Nakamura replies with ‘Umm….is the Megazord there? ’. Okay, I’m sold, I love Nakamura. The Megazord appears, with a giant eraser on his arm and punches all the Zords with said eraser. What does it do? Seemingly nothing. Nakamura continues to apologize for her ‘mistakes’, irritating Hiromu in the process. The Busters go to form Go-Buster Oh but nothing happens. The Zords can’t combine. The combining data has also disappeared!  GT-02 is hit with the eraser again and this time reverts back to Vehicle Mode. The data for Animal Mode has disappeared and Usada finally figures it out! The Zords are no match, and the Megazord ‘gives birth’ to a second Megazord, another 04 imposter. Jin and J arrive in their Zords, Go-Buster Beet is formed, but like the others, he also loses his ability to combine with J.

It seems hopeless. No one knows what to do. But then Nakamura meekly puts up her hand with an idea to switch the Combine Operation from automatic to manual, something the Busters haven’t trained for, but Nakamura and the others will figure out the calculations and guide them. Nakamura and Morishita work as hard as they can with the calculations, but are constantly nagged by Hiromu for updates. Enough’s enough, and Nakamura slams her fist on the table – ‘Hey, be quiet!’. Everyone is shocked and Hiromu apologizes. All this talking has caused Nakamura to make a mistake and she needs an eraser. Oh look, Keshigomuroid is hanging on the edge of the table, guess who’s used as an eraser!

Eventually, J reveals that he saw Keshigomuroid cling onto Hiromu, and that he is in the form of an eraser! Nakamura notices that the eraser she just used has moved and is deleting more information. At this point, Kurorin LEAPS OVER THE DESK and fights off Keshigomuroid with a mop. At this point in the Megazord battle, J combines with Hiromu to form Go-Buster Ace Stag Custom. That defeats the 04 imposter, Go-Buster Oh is formed and the Megazord is defeated…but Keshigomuroid has knocked out both Kurorin and Morishita! About to attack Nakamura, Hiromu steps in and shoots Keshigomuroid.

Everything is normal again, and Nakamura finally gives back Hiromu’s pen. At which point, Hiromu calls Nakamura scary.

I loved this episode. So much. I also give this episode a 5/5!