Go-Busters 27 & 28

It’s a programming lab of some sort. There’s a branch connected to a cable. There’s Enter. He activates the…something (I have no idea what to call it). Data flows into the branch…or something like that…and the branch grows leafs! Enter plans to use this program to accelerate Messiah’s evolution, but at that point a doctor enters, certainly surprised to see a guy in goggles with a Ghostbusters-esque backpack (sort of). Meanwhile at the EMC, the Go-Busters try on some motocross gear (the same from a previous episode) which apparently simulates what it’ll be like to move in the subdimension…and it’s VERY strenuous; The Go-Busters can’t even stand! But really, the motocross gear? That’s the best the costume department could come up with? Ah well. At this point, the Busters are sent to the lab to investigate things.


The Go-Busters have now arrived at the lab and ask the doctor if he’s seen anything strange, but he denies everything. He gives away nothing. Jin even interrupts, forcing J to even shake his hand, but NOTHING. At that point, Jin finds a picture of the doctor and his daughter, but the doctor snatches it back off him and quickly ushers all of the Busters out of the room. Suspicious much? Outside the lab, J reveals that his analysis of body temperature and heart rates reads that the doctor is lying. Turns out he can do this with just a handshake. Handy (Oh wow, that pun was completely unintentional). The Busters decide to continue the investigation.

We return to the lab and Enter has reappeared.  He creates Mushikagoroid, based on an insect trap. I miss the Engrish Metavirus names. Mushikagoroid leaves to keep the Busters busy while Enter opens up a ‘portal to the subdimension’ or something? And that’s where the doctor gets to work. The Busters are alerted of Vaglass activity, but Jin says he needs to rest. So he dematerializes. I thought this was a little random. He’s been here for quite a while now and we’ve never seen him needed a rest. J does say it’s to avoid exposing his location though. At that point, Mushikagoroid (I’m just gonna call him Mushi from now on) appears with some footsoldiers. “Busters! Ready? Go!”. They Busters run into the action, morphing in mid-fight. I’ve noticed that morph sequences seem to be getting more awesome recently. I love it. The footsoliders are soon taken care of and the Busters chase Mushi into the corridors of the building.

They split up after losing Mushi, and Ryuuji soon finds a girl who is ecstatic to see him – “What a hot guard! Let me take a snapshot!” Ryuuji demorphs and is just generally confused by all of this.  She passing says that she has to get her allowance from the ‘old man’ and it’s soon revealed that this girl is the doctor’s daughter! Ryuuji’s reaction to this is hilarious. For some reason, I really like her. Usually, I’d find characters like this annoying. It’s strange. She even calls him ‘Ojisan’ (which is ‘old man’…I believe. Something to that effect anyway), and it was just the best thing ever. Anyway, she needs to be taken to her dad’s office…so off they go!

Cue scenes of the Busters being lost in the corridors. Turns out, Mushi can project holographic walls so they just end up going in circles – a pretty cool ability to have. One thing I’ve noticed this series, the Monsters-of-the-Week all have really cool abilities. Ryuuji and the girl are attacked, but the Buglers are soon disposed of. The girl doesn’t even seem to care that these guys are after her dad since ‘all he does is work’ and she’s just here for her allowance. Ryuuji finally snaps and demands that she shows some respect to her father. It shows that Ryuuji is really annoyed by this since he never shouts or anything.

The hunt continues. Hiromu has two options – left or right. So he calls Nick who tells him to go right. Hiromu: “Alright. Left it is”. I loved this little exchange way too much. The Busters soon discover the holographic walls however – Hiromu, Yoko and J fight Mushi while Ryuuji fights Enter in the lab. Ryuuji is thrown to the ground and Enter is about to attack the daughter, BUT, the doctor steps in and tries to fight Enter…but he’s only thrown to the ground too. Touching moment between the father and daughter, Enter vs Blue, Blue cuts the wires and Enter’s plan is thwarted! I do love how Enter just closes his laptop and just dematerializes – “What a pity. Ah well. Next time…”

Mushi is killed. Megazord battle in the pseudo-subdimension. Shutdown complete. The girl says goodbye and the Busters tease each other. End.

I thought this was a really good episode and it kept me entertained throughout. I give this episode a 5/5.

We start with Enter in the subdimension and it seems that Messiah as disappeared. It turns out Messiah is in pain or something. But ‘at least, Messiah can move onto the next stage’. Finally. He’ll do something! At the EMC, Hiromu and Nick are ready to go on an awards party. Hiromu’s sister’s illustrated book has won an award. The book’s name? “Chicken Rock and…” …and that’s when Hiromu seizes up. He’s still conscious though, so he just stumbles out of the room.

I should probably mention the new opening. Well. I much prefer the ‘Busters, Ready Go!’ song…but I kind of prefer the visuals in this opening. I didn’t like how they didn’t integrate Beet and Stag into the original opening very well, so if they used these updated visuals with the original song, I’d be happy. I don’t dislike the new song though…I’ve had it in my head for the past few days.

Hiromu and Nick soon arrive at the awards event, but they’re soon alerted to an unusual Enetron spike. So off they go with Rika watching. Nick is reluctant however and makes it difficult for Hiromu to drive. I loved that. Hiromu and Nick arrive at the scene where they are met by Enter and Sprayroid. Sprayroid sprays Nick, and he becomes Hiromu! Two Hiromus…but with one acting like Nick! Katsuhiro’s (Hiromu’s actor) acting was great here – he perfectly captured Nick’s personality and traits. Ryuuji and Yoko arrive and morph with Hiromu while Hiromu!Nick goes to the side. They fight some Buglers, but soon Hiromu is also sprayed. He becomes Yoko! Then Yoko is sprayed…and she becomes Hiromu! And Finally, Ryuuji is sprayed, and he becomes Enter! As I said before, the acting here, from all three, was perfect. The Buglers are then sprayed, and they become the Go-Busters! Two Blue, two Red and two Yellow! Rika arrives, but she’s soon taken away by Hiromu!Nick. When Stag arrives, it’s confusing to say the least. Well, until Yoko!Hiromu is thrown into some water and the spray wares off. Hiromu!Yoko is hilariously eager to get into the water as soon as she discovers this. Enter!Ryuuji does the same and they return to normal. The three then kick water over the Buglers and Stag, returning everyone to normal. I love how Stag stands just stands there – “Why am I getting wet too?” Oh wow, I love him. Oh, and then they destroy the Buglers.

Meanwhile, Rika and Hiromu!Nick are still running around, and Rika immediately guess that he’s Nick due to the lack of direction. How she comes to that conclusion, I don’t know. I would never have thought that. I would’ve just thought that Hiromu was just having an off day. Although, I suppose in the weird world of rubber monsters you’d believe anything. As soon as Hiromu!Nick turns his back, Rika is replaced with Rika!Sprayroid! TWIST. The following scene is hilarious as Rika!Sprayroid tries to get Hiromu!Nick to tell her Hiromu’s weak point. I can’t even explain it, but it’s amazing. And then Hiromu!Nick reveals it and Sprayroid reveals himself and Hiromu!Nick tries to play it off like it’s a joke, and it’s just the perfect scene. I love it. I’m in love.

Sprayroid goes off somewhere and the Busters (sans Hiromu) talk about Hiromu’s chicken fear. Turns out, he was accidently locked in with chickens and one chicken leaped up and grew to an enormous size and there was thunder and lighting and everything…or something to that effect. Sprayroid returns and he’s calling out for Red Buster. The Go-Busters run to the scene and morph, except for Hiromu, oddly. Hiromu attacks Sprayroid as he holds up a picture of a chicken. He’s unaffected! Sprayroid guesses that it’s not Hiromu though, spotting the real Hiromu hiding behind a tree. Sprayroid goes over to Hiromu (wearing sunglasses – important) and holds up a picture of a chicken. HE FREEZES…momentarily. As Sprayroid goes to attack Frozen!Hiromu, Hiromu simply unfreezes – “What are you doing?” I love this. LOVE.

Anyway, Sprayroid is killed by an awesome IT’S TIME FOR SPECIAL BUSTER, Nick is returned to normal, there’s some Megazord stuff in there somewhere (you can tell I really care about the Megazords…), and then FLASHBACK. Hiromu closed his eyes at the moment Sprayroid revealed the chicken picture! Genius!

Then the end scene, there’s some joking between Rika, Nick and Hiromu until Nick opens a page of Rika’s book featuring two dogs. They’re called Gog and Magog – Their mother’s dog statues. GOG and MAGOG. The names of Escape’s guns. I love ‘Oh shit’ moment like this.

As you can probably tell, I loved this episode. This is probably my favourite Go-Busters episode so far. 5/5.