Go-Busters 29 & 30

The episode begins with Hiromu walking through thee sub-dimension  When I first saw this, I actually thought that I had skipped an episode and this was the beginning of a second part. But no, just a dream!  That makes sense. Hiromu and Nick talk and whatnot, with Hiromu still being bothered by the big revelation at the end of the previous episode. Meanwhile in the actual sub-dimension, something is happening to Messiah – a body is forming! An awesome-looking body.

Back at the EMC, a call is received. Who from? HIROMU’S FATHER. He informs them that Messiah is evolving and the Go-Busters need to be sent into the subdimension! The transmission cuts out and Jin reveals that while he didn’t see anyone else in the subdimension, he did manage to communicate with them – including Yoko’s mother! Why didn’t he tell anyone this sooner? Apparently, their parents didn’t want the Go-Busters to know…for some reason. Hmm. Kurorin gives the orders – “Your special mission: Enter the subdimension and shut down Messiah”

There’s a scene between Enter and Escape where they realize that the Go-Busters are planning to enter the subdimension, but I have nothing to say about it…so…moving on…

We return to the EMC where Kurorin is giving instructions to the Go-Busters. At which point, J reveals 100 militrons-worth of Enetron cans as snacks, which I just found hilarious. Nakamura locks on to a marker so they can teleport, but unbeknown to them, Enter has locked on too! The Go-Busters now just have to wait for Great Go-Buster to finish preparations…but wait, the Vaglass are attacking, well, sort of. Enter, Escape and some footsoliders are approaching the front of the hangar building! Both Enter and Escape have new battle suits, which look awesome, so that’s good.

The Go-Busters face them and a battle breaks out. Escape battles Ryuuji and Jin, Yoko and J take on the footsoliders and Hiromu battles Enter. Great Go-Buster is complete and the Go-Busters (sans Hiromu) retreat. However, Escape follows them, infiltrating the hangar. Hiromu and Enter continue to fight though, and it’s a really well-choreographed fight!  Enter seems to have the upper hand with Hiromu on the floor and helmetless. Hiromu refuses to give up however, and runs at Enter, firing his lasers…but none of the lasers actually hit Enter, just the surroundings…and a car. The car explodes, distracting Enter just for a second so Hiromu can run around behind Enter and attack from behind. It’s not use though – Enter is too good. At that point, Nick interrupts, with his weapons! (That I didn’t even know existed beyond the toyline). Anyway, Hiromu and Nick escape.

The Busters get inside Great Go-Buster, but Escape is now in the hangar! DISASTER! But wait, what’s this? The maintenance crew, Nakamura, Morishita and Kurorin with Ichigan Busters!? (The laser-camera things. (Thanks to Wikipedia for supplying the name!)). Badass. Oh wow, it’s just such an awesome scene…especially since they rarely do ANYTHING. The countdown for the teleport is nearing zero, but Enter has entered (completely unintentional ‘wordplay’ there) and is threatening to stop the countdown! Just before the end, Kurorin jumps onto Enter, stopping his plans and allowing Great Go-Buster to teleport. Enter and Escape leave and the EMC team salute as the teleport takes place.

Great Go-Buster arrives in the sub-dimension  initially quiet, but they are soon met with an army of Megazords! It’s not much of a problem though, seeing as they’re taken out quite quickly (Sort of pointless then?). The Go-Busters and Buddyroids enter the EMC building-thing in the sub-dimension  but are soon met with a figure emerging from the shadows – Messiah, with a body. He then summons four previously defeated Metaroids and proclaims – “This is Messiah’s dimension. And I am Messiah”.


Even though most of this episode was just build-up to the Go-Busters entering the sub-dimension  I still really enjoyed it and found it quite dramatic at times. I give this episode a 5/5.

Continuing from the climax of the last episode, the Go-Busters battle against the previously defeated Metaroids and Messiah. Messiah proves to be quite strong, but Hiromu, Ryuuji and Yoko find the entrance and run. Of course, Messiah follows. The Go-Busters fire at Messiah and manage to damage his shoulder, but wait, Messiah has regenerative abilities! Then suddenly, a wild BC-04 appears and beats down Messiah. Jin tells the Busters that Messiah still exists in the big-tower-computery thing, so the Busters go to find this.

Hiromu, Ryuuji, Yoko and the Buddyroids find an office – decorated with Christmas decorations – the very same office where they last saw their parents 13 years ago! Hiromu finds a statue – two dogs, one black and one white – Gog and Magog. He also finds several pictures with Gratuitous French written across them and a pair of goggles! Remind you of anyone? They use common sense and figure that Enter and Escape were created from these people’s data – composite avatars. One problem, where are the people? Buglers run in, but they’re defeated. Quickly.

Elsewhere, Jin and J defeat the old Metaroids.

Now in another corridor, Hiromu tells the Buddyroids to stand by in the Buster Machines while they find Messiah. After a few encounters with Buglers, the three finally find Messiah. At that point, holograms appear – Hiromu’s parents! Yoko’s mother’s voice also appears. But there’s no time for reunions. The parents instruct the Busters to destroy the computer and shut down Messiah immediately. There’s some exposition here – Messiah can infect any artificial objects and give them life, including the base! The base a giant Messiah-lifeform-thing! If Messiah teleports to the real world – ALL artificial objects will become Messiah. CRAZY. Enter Enter! (I should probably mention and Jin and J are busy fighting Escape….because they have nothing else to do really…)

Enter reveals that if they destroy Messiah, they will also destroy their families! In the teleportation 13 years ago, everyone was turned into data and absorbed into Messiah. That’s quite a conundrum for the Go-Busters. Enter Messiah – who blasts the Go-Busters outside…into the generic derelict building site…and it looks like regular Earth. Couldn’t they have just put a red filter on in post? No?  Was that too much trouble? Hmm. But anyway, Jin, J and Escape are also there.

And this is one of my favorite scenes of this episode. Ryuuji suggests that they head back to the real world and think of a plan, but Hiromu isn’t accepting that – “I won’t go back until Messiah is shut down.” Just the acting in this scene and realization that it’s the world or their families was just perfect. Messiah interrupts though and the ‘final battle’ begins, accompanied by ‘Busters, Ready Go!’ (The song, that is). Hiromu calls CB-01 and plunges into Messiah’s computery-tower-thing (I seriously need a name for that). It transforms into Ace, but he is soon confronted with a Megazord – piloted by Enter. The fight that ensues is quite awesome. Very soon, Enter’s Megazord is destroyed…and Enter has seemingly with it. Is this the last we’ll see of Enter? The explosion sets off more explosions around the complex!

Back at the Generic Derelict Building Site, Enter and Messiah take on the four remaining Go-Busters. But wait; Messiah glitches. Something’s happened! The four Busters take this opportunity to attack Messiah, and he is destroyed! Escape walks away… Meanwhile, Go-Buster Ace flies out of the exploding Computer-Tower-Thing.

In a hangar of sorts, the Buster Machines prepare to leave. Jin and J stand a control panel, and J asks if they could bring ‘that’. ‘That’? The two walk behind a wall, and we see Jin’s body is stasis! The Buster Machines soon teleport, and in her cockpit, while driving, Yoko sees a vision of her mother, helping her. In Hiromu’s cockpit however, he is alone, and he tears up…

They arrive back in the real world and are congratulated.

I give this episode a 5/5. It was a fitting conclusion to the first story-arc of this season and I’m intrigued to see where they’ll go from here.