Go-Busters 33 & 34

The Go-Busters play back footage of their recent Enter encounter…but then Morishita notices an Enetron spike! But not enough to say it’s irregular. BUT THEN, Nakamura reveals a Megazord is being transported! Cut to a school where Sunadokeiroid (based on an hourglass) plants something into the ground, creating a MASSIVE SAND PIT OF DOOM. Yeah. People and buildings are sucked in and whatnot. The Go-Busters and Nick arrive in time to see the whole school disappear into the sand. Cue Enter…and cue exposition!

Apparently, Messiah is still alive and has been backed up onto thirteen cards. Well, he only has twelve because one has been turned into Sunadokeiroid. Enter proceeds to scatter the cards across the city where they’ll eventually grow into Metaroids. The Go-Busters obviously aren’t having this so they morph and fight and stuff. Enter fights Hiromu, Yoko is attacked by Sunadokeiroid…Ryuuji helps her out. I have to say; pretty much all the fights that involve Enter are the best fights in the series. Enter disappears, so Hiromu joins Ryuuji and Yoko. It’s soon revealed that Sunadokeiroid has been gathering human data. He needs all kinds of data, and he’s started with high schoolers.

Elsewhere, Nick is evacuating people when he notices a girl clinging on to a twig, about to fall into the SAND PIT OF DOOM. Nick manages to pull her up, but he loses his balance and falls! Hiromu appears and reaches to grab his hand, but it’s too late. Nick continues to fall and is absorbed into the sand – turning into data at the same time. Back at the main battle scene-thing, Sunadokeiroid beats down Ryuuji and Yoko…and then just causally walks away.

It turns out Gorisaki has a plan. Those horrible motocross armour-things that Yoko and Jin used a while ago were prototypes for armour Gorisaki was developing. It wasn’t useable though because it required a lot of power. Seeing Nick disappear gave him an idea though. He could use the Buddyroid power! They just need to use teleportation technology to convert matter into data. Kurorin notes that this would be a burden for the Buddyroids, but they’re willing to do it regardless.

On a rooftop, Escape meets with Enter and Sunadokeiroid. Escape isn’t impressed with how Enter has scattered her beloved ‘Papa’. Escape demands for Messiah to be brought back instantly, but Enter refuses to comply…AND HIS EYES GLOW RED. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

At the EMC, the alarms sound. The Go-Busters prepare to deploy, and Ryuuji gives Hiromu a device – the Custom Visor. Yoko and Ryuuji’s have been delayed though. Okay, why? Convenient. Ryuuji even points out of the irony that Hiromu’s is finished first, but he doesn’t have his Buddyroid. Kurorin gives an inspiring speech of sorts and they are deployed to an aircraft hangar. There they meet Sunadokeiroid, Jin and J; and the battle commences.

The battle makes its way outside and the Go-Busters are beaten up…a lot. Hiromu decides it’s time to use the Custom Visor. Hiromu punches Sunadokeiroid and manages to pull Nick out in the form of data…and the data is absorbed into Hiromu’s morpher (I struggled to come up with a way to describe the scene). He also manages to restore the school…I’m guessing he pulled out ALL the data. And then – POWERED MORPHIN’. Cue the awesome transformation of Red Buster Powered Custom. I really like the look of this power-up. It’s simplistic, sleek and Nick is INSIDE of it. Following this, Ryuuji and Yoko also transform in a similar fashion. Eh. I’m not that impressed with their Powered Custom forms. There’s simplistic…and then there’s bland. I would much prefer it if Yellow and Blue had some sort of insignia or device in the middle, similar to Red Buster’s. It’s not that big a deal though, I don’t hate them.

The battle commences, allowing the Go-Busters to show off their new powers. Hiromu can move even faster, Yoko can run and bounce on air, and Ryuuji can make heavy objects from data…or something like that…and it’s awesome. I particularly enjoy Yoko’s air running. IT’S TIME FOR BUSTER. Hiromu does his final attack known as ‘Volcanic Attack’ and Sunadokeiroid is defeated. The Go-Busters and Buddyroids celebrate, but Jin reminds them that there’s still a Megazord on its way. They dispatch – wait, no. It’s the end of the episode.

I didn’t really think much of the story for this episode. The only thing I found myself caring about was the debut of Powered Custom. That’s all I really have to say. I feel like giving the episode a 2 would be saying its bad…it wasn’t bad, it was just ‘eh’. I’ll go with a 3/5.

The Go-Busters have made their way to a parking lot where a Metaroid is apparently active. Ryuuji, Hiromu and Yoko are confused when they find nothing, and Jin is just messing around…even more than usual. The three confront him about this and he claims that since they have time until the Megazord appears, they should enjoy themselves. The Busters still aren’t impressed, telling him that the battle is getting even more serious. The three go off to patrol the area, and Yoko wonders if Jin has stopped caring since the subdimension battle is over.

Meanwhile, at a park, two teachers and their students prepare to play tag…but wait, is that one of Messiah’s cards on a nearby tree? Yes, it is. After the opening, Hiromu arrives at the park to find Jin and J playing with the teachers and students. In particular, Jin has a glove puppet and is chasing them around, saying he’s a ‘bad oni’. Oh, and J just has a fishing net. Nick joins J’s antics while Hiromu stops Jin’s antics immediately – returning the glove puppet, and then dragging him away.

Hiromu tells Jin that he was acting like a creepy old man while elsewhere Nick tells J that he needs to be strict with Jin. Instead of listening, J ‘catches’ Nick with net. J, I love you. Meanwhile, a Messiah Card infects that puppet, steals J’s Enetron, and becomes Puppetroid! Also, a new Megazord is being transported! TWO MEGAZORDS ARE ON THEIR WAY. Hiromu and Jin fight Puppetroid, but it’s not long before Puppetroid disappears.

Puppetroid reappears behind a bush, watching the teachers and students. Puppetroid throws his hand off (it’s hard to explain) and it goes into a teacher’s back. This teacher begins to attack the children, but she’s not in control of her own body! Jin intervenes as the other Go-Busters stand back and watch in confusion. BUT THEN, the hand flies out of the teacher, and into Jin! BEET BUSTER VS GO-BUSTERS. Jin is forced to fight in some wacky martial arts or something…which involves dancing. The Go-Busters are beaten and Jin escapes.

In a park, Puppetroid forces Jin to play on an obstacle course for whatever reason. Enter and Escape watch. Enter mentions that he wants data from the Go-Busters, and Escape suggests that he should fight the Go-Busters directly…and that maybe she should do it. Enter tells her to be patient, and that her time will come. What could he be planning? Anyway, Escape storms off. At the EMC, Hiromu appoints himself to go after Jin. Kurorin asks if he can beat him, and Hiromu is sure he can. Ryuuji isn’t sure, but Hiromu says that Jin needs to be straightened out after his spout of screwing around. At that point, J stands and explains Jin’s habit – Jin screws around to hide his tears.

Somewhere in the city, Hiromu confronts Jin and Puppetroid…and the battle begins. At the same time, the Megazord fight begins. The ground battle continues with Jin taunting Hiromu. Hiromu responds with ‘Please stop joking around. Or should I say…stop crying’. Jin is visibly affected, but he tries to play it off. Oh, and GT-02 is now being controlled by Puppetzord and Sunadokeizord has appeared. Back on the ground, Hiromu questions whether Jin is sad because he’s lost the people he’s been with for 13 years. Jin denies this and claims it’s because he’s the only one left…and Hiromu states that they should bare the sadness together. I really like how this massively important character moment takes place during a fight. It makes a change from just a normal ‘sit down and discuss’ character moment. Hiromu delivers one final kick to Jin while throwing his Sougan Blade at Puppetroid in the process. JIN IS FREE, and he admits his defeat. To finish off Puppetroid, Red Buster Powered Custom appears.

The other Go-Busters are in a pinch, and a LION ZORD APPEARS. WHAT. The Zord blasts the Vaglass Megazords and GT-02 is free once again! Go-Buster Oh and Buster Hercules are formed and the Megazords are defeated. They turn to that Lion Zord, and Kurorin seems to recognize it. But wait, the Lion blasts them before disappearing! What’s going on!?

Right. I thought this was good. We see another side of Jin…sort of, and it was enjoyable. 4/5.