Go-Busters 37 & 38

Yoko enters the EMC with a letter, seemingly excited. She soon notices that everyone is talking about her love life…or lack of it. Yoko quickly reveals though that there’s a man in her life…and there’s going to be a WEDDING. Oh god, it’s the obligatory wedding episode of the series isn’t it? Oh, wait; she’s just been INVITED to this guy’s wedding. That’s a little better I suppose – it’s not the run of the mill girl-of-the-team-gets-married-on-a-whim episode. Anyway, this man is her old homeroom teacher – Hasegawa-sensei. She really liked him because of how funny and kind he apparently was. However, Kurorin informs Ryuuji and Usada that he explained to the school that Yoko had a ‘special situation’, so she may have gotten special treatment.

Elsewhere, Escape looks at her iPad, thinking about how many of Messiah’s cards are left and how Enter has apparently wasted them all. She also made note of Enter’s glowing eyes – something’s different about him. THEN SHE KICKS AND SHATTERS THE CONCRETE WALL IN ANGER.

Later, at the standard Toei church, a Messiah card infects a tiara…and TIARAROID is born! The Go-Busters are deployed to that very church where a singing and flying tiara passes through the bride, causing her to become angry all of a sudden – angry enough for her to call off the wedding. Outside the church, as the bride is chased by the groom and the guests, the Busters face Tiararoid. Jin and J also arrive, followed by Escape! Escape tells them that ‘for papa’s sake, she’ll hold it off’…and both Escape and Tiararoid disappear…just like that. The Busters however soon receive a call informing them of Tiararoid’s new location.

Tiararoid’s next victim is a bride of a traditional Japanese wedding. While running, the Go-Busters receive yet another call – Tiararoid has moved again! And again! AND AGAIN! She’s a fast one! Kurorin has contacted the higher-ups of the company and all weddings have been suspended until further notice. Hmm, wasn’t that a plot point in the Shinkenger wedding episode? Yoko mentions that Hasegawa’s wedding is tomorrow…and Hiromu seems to have a plan! Oh no, they’re not going to do a wedding-fake-out thing are they? That’s what happened in the Shinkenger wedding episode.

In some weird underground place, Escape has connected herself to her iPad. She’s doing something, but what? Tiararoid runs in, informing her that someone is coming. Enter Enter! The two clearly aren’t putting up with each other anymore…and Escape glows and we see a glimpse of…something on her face. Enter gives her chance, seeing how she’s gone ‘that far’.

The next day, the Go-Busters meet with Hasegawa. Yoko and Hase catch up for a bit, but Ryuuji and Hiromu soon step in with the business. Oh, right, they are doing the wedding-fake-out…Oh. Hase insists on playing the part of the groom though. Even though it’s dangerous for a civilian to be in the middle of a Vaglass attack…but whatever. Hase actually says the sentence ‘Join Sensei in marriage’…and Yoko happily agrees! Ryuuji isn’t having it though, and Hiromu has to drag him away.

Cue wedding!  Yoko is lead down the aisle by Kurorin. It’s slow motion. The service takes place. No sign of any Vaglass. So they go again! And half way down the aisle, a bride in black appears in the doorway, with her face obscured by flowers. (Side note, this whole scene is awesome. The visuals, the music, everything!). The Busters don’t seem to realize the obvious though – IT’S ESCAPE! She drops the bouquet, takes out Gog and Magog, and shoots the hell out of the church.

The battle makes its way outside – Lioh and Ace face the Megazord, Jin and J face Tiararoid, and Ryuuji and Yoko face Escape! Suddenly, Tiararoid speaks with Messiah’s voice…and because of this; Escape shields him/her from an attack. In a rage, Escape glows and whatnot as a new body forms around her! She’s all rubber-suitified now! Eh. She looks awesome though. Mid-battle with Escape, Yoko asks her why she goes so far for Messiah. Escapes response – ‘I dunno. I just want to fight guys who are good…but I care about Papa just as much’. There’s some more battles, but Tiararoid is soon defeated, and Escape escapes after showing off her new form.  Also, there’s nothing to report with the Megazord battle really.

Back at the church, Yoko and the gang talk about love and whatnot. I don’t really have anything to say.

I didn’t particularly enjoy this episode. It was so blah and so Shinkenger. I give this episode a 2/5….and that 2 is for Tiararoid. I LOVED TIARAROID.

We begin with Jin announcing a mixed martial arts battle, or as the flyer reads – ‘Different kind martial art top decisive battle’….sure. Hiromu is about to go on patrol; Yoko seems interested, but Usada isn’t impresses seeing as she has homework to do; and Ryuuji is busy researching Lioh. Jin isn’t happy with this response, but he does learn that Lioh has some sort of secret to with his Zords. Enetron usage spike!…and it’s at the venue for this MMA battle (Wow, what a coincidence)! AND, there’s four Megazords on their way! AAAAAND, the first one has already finished transporting! DOOM.

Ace is dispatched while the other four look for the Metaroid. The whole area is deserted. But then, the arena glows, sends out a beam of some kind, and sucks the Megazord and Ace into the arena. Cut to a Megazord-size boxing ring, with Ace in the middle. The announcer announces that this is the Vaglass Dome, a wild battlefield. Megazord Alpha enters the ring with a flashy entrance. This is weird.

Outside the dome, the Busters try to break in, but to no avail – they use weapons, super strength (and Ryuuji is even hurt!), and Buster Hercules. They can’t even contact Hiromu. Suddenly, a screen appears, allowing the Busters to at least see what’s going on in the Vaglass Dome. Return to the Vaglass Dome where see Enter (normal-sized of course) stood at the side of the ring – He’s the commentator. He reveals that he wants to collect combat data from Ace…and the match begins. It’s really weird seeing Megazords in what is actually a normal-sized ring. It’s one of those moments, and I know it’s obvious, where you stop and think about how a person is actually in that suit. ILLUSION SHATTERD. But anyway, Ace soon disposes of Alpha. Hiromu and Nick mention escaping, but Enter tells them that they can’t escape yet. They’re in a special dimension. The only way to escape is to defeat all four Megazords.

Back outside, Ryuuji wonders if the building is locked by a similar Metaroid who locked buildings in an early episode. I love call-backs like this. Back in the dome, two more Megazords appear; and the first to face Ace is Megazord Beta…and Ace isn’t holding back this time. The other Busters receive a Metaroid signal though from the Lioh Attaché, but Ryuuji notices something – The Lioh Attaché isn’t being very specific. Letdown.

Beta soon switches with Gamma…who begins with a dance of victory or something. It’s all really weird. The battle soon kicks off (get it, because Gamma is kicking Ace. Oh wow…that was completely unintentional, but I just had to point it out.), and Ace takes quite a beating. Enter informs him that the Busters have given up on him, after looking at his screen and seeing them walking away. Hiromu and Nick are now alone in this mission. Beta and Gamma now team up, and Ace doesn’t look like it can last much longer.

Delta finishes transporting outside, and suddenly, four ropes tie around various parts of Delta. It’s the other four Busters and their zip-line things. They hang onto Delta as it’s transported into the Vaglass Dome. That’s actually a really good ide- Oh. They’re immediately spat out of the dome. Oh. What now? Buglers appear to waste some time and fill this week’s ground-battle quota….and of course, they’re quickly defeated. That was…pointless. But one thing, Lioh is being dispatched!

So, Beta has been scrapped, and now it’s Gamma and Delta vs Ace. Ace doesn’t even get a chance to fight back. It seems all hope it lost, but Enter commands for his Megazords to stop. He gives Hiromu and chance to end the battle now that he knows both Ace’s and the human limits, and it’s within the parameters he can accept. Hiromu doesn’t take this offer though. Instead, he vows to continue, and he’s determined that his friends will save him.

Ace delivers this cool back-flip kick thing, and then Lioh’s roar is heard. Outside, Lioh and all of the other Buster Vehicles (sans Ace) combine to form Go-Buster King (…and it looks awesome)! They’ve discovered the building is the Metaroid! And with a few pokes, the dome transforms into a Metaroid, and Ace is released! Go-Buster King and Ace team up to take down Delta, Gamma and Domeroid; and all is good again.

Back at the EMC, Jin continues to talk about this MMA match, but Hiromu refuses to see another ring for some time…and then Jin turns around the flyer to find a picture of a man in a chicken mask. Hiromu freezes. End.

Uh. The episode was okay. It wasn’t anything special, but it wasn’t bad either (It did some really nice moments though). 3/5.