Go-Busters 39 & 40


We begin with Kenta, a young boy in a karate dojo, surrounded by men. Meanwhile, at the EMC, Ryuuji and Morishita look through eyewitness reports of Messiah Cards. They notice one from a child in which the child describes the Messiah Card perfectly. They decide to investigate. Back at the dojo, Kenta easily beats the men. But what’s this? HIS GLOVES GLOW WITH SOME WEIRD DATA-THINGS. Of course, the Messiah Card is in Kenta’s gloves!

The Go-Busters eventually arrive at the dojo and Kenta notices, so he runs and hides. Ryuuji and Yoko enter the room while Hiromu and Nick search elsewhere. Ryuuji and Yoko are concerned by all of the injured men, and they suspect that it’s a Metaroid attack. They hear a rustling so they take out their Camera Guns (or whatever they’re called) and approach a door. They slowly open it and a Kenta pops out! He tries to escape but Ryuuji grabs him and questions him about the eyewitness report. Kenta refuses to comment though, and manages to escape. Ryuuji does manage to grab hold of his bag though and finds some books inside.

Outside the dojo, Kenta gets on his bike, but Yoko jumps in from nowhere (which I found hilarious for some reason) and blocks his path. Ryuuji also runs over and they ask him about the Messiah Card. Kenta denies even seeing a Card and that’s when Enter appears. Enter notes that the Go-Busters ‘arrived before he did’ and then summons a gang of Buglers. Kenta manages to ride away while Ryuuji, Yoko and the newly-rejoined Hiromu take on the Buglers and Enter. However, some Buglers chase Kenta! Kenta is soon knocked off the bike by a Bugler blast, but the Buglers don’t stand a chance against Kenta’s skills. Ryuuji witnesses the entire thing and is understandably confused. Kenta quickly takes his bag and runs, but is chased by Ryuuji as the Buglers and Enter disappear.

Ryuuji manages to catch up to Kenta and calm him down before asking him again about the Messiah Card, but Kenta continues to deny everything. Then, for some reason, GT-02 is dispatched and stops just meters away from Ryuuji and Kenta! Kenta is impressed by it and Ryuuji has sussed out that Kenta dreams of being an engineer. How did he figure this out? Well, the books in Kenta’s bag were books related to engineering that Ryuuji has read before. Kenta reveals that his father doesn’t accept this fact, claiming it’s just an excuse because he’s weak. The father is pretty much forcing him to continue with karate; so Kenta wants to become stronger, hoping that his father will accept his choices after that.

Back at the dojo, Yoko notes that everyone there is wearing white gloves, except for Kenta would is wearing red gloves. Ryuuji receives a call from Yoko, telling him this fact…but as Ryuuji goes to take a look at the gloves, Kenta jumps up. Ryuuji takes this as confirmation that Kenta did in fact find a Card. Kenta punches Ryuuji, THROWING HIM BACK, and runs away. He’s spent a lot of this episode running.

Kenta arrives in a city plaza and raises his fists, releasing data tentacles or something which ‘stab’ the public, giving them the same red gloves. Oh, and he now speaks with Messiah’s voice which is just creepy. These gloves force the people to become Messenta’s (Messiah + Kenta. I find it amusing because it sounds like ‘placenta’) opponents and they’re quickly beaten down. I have to say, this fight is awesome – everything about it…just awesome. Enter watches from nearby and is impressed with the amount of data that’ll be collected from this. I’m starting to think how Messiah will use all this collected data in future episodes…

Ryuuji appears and attempts to stop this, but Escape appears! In the nick of time, Jin, J, Hiromu and Yoko run in and take on Escape while Ryuuji and Messenta fight in an underground car park-thing. I find it crazy that this kid actor can actually do these stunts! We can always see his face so it’s not a double! CRAZY! Anyway, Ryuuji is getting beaten quite badly and he’s not even responding to Ryuuji’s pleas. But as he goes to do the finishing move, he stops. Kenta regains control of his body, and Karateroid is born! Ryuuji, now overheating, morphs and begins the Karateroid beat-down while the others face Escape and later the Megazords (well, the boys anyway. Yoko steps in to help Ryuuji in destroying Karateroid).

Back at the dojo, Kenta stands up to his father, and his father finally accepts his dream…and that’s really it.

Although I didn’t have much to say about this episode, I did actually like it. It’s a 4/5 from me!


EMC. Morishita gives his periodic report on the subdimension – the subdimension hasn’t stabled at all; at least meaning that Jin’s hangar is safe for now. At the said hangar, Jin lays in stasis and receives a ‘periodic report’ from J about the bugs he encounters in a random forest. Jin is stasis is interesting, his upper half is fine, but his lower half is all datafied (yes, technical term there) and I’m not quite sure why. Meanwhile on a rooftop, Escape creates a Metaroid – Parabolaroid; based on a satellite dish. Wait, haven’t we seen a Parabolaroid before? I surprisingly don’t mind the reuse of monster suits. I like the Parabolaroid design, so that’s probably why I’m okay with it. Of course, the Go-Busters are immediately alerted to the latest Metaroid creation.

Hiromu in Ace rides Lioh into the city where a Megazord has materialized; while on the now empty rooftop, Ryuuji and Yoko look for the Metaroid. Kurorin informs them that the Metaroid keeps moving, so they should take care of the Megazord instead with Go-Buster Lioh. Elsewhere, Escape and Parabolaroid search for a Messiah Card. It’s not long before Parabolaroid gets a lock on one! Oh, never mind, it’s only Enter he’s detected. OH WAIT. Enter reveals that a Card is INSIDE him. That explains the glowing red eye thing! Escape and Enter have a stare-off while Parabolaroid announces that he’s found another card. No response. The stare-off continues as Parabolaroid just wanders off. I love Parabolaroid. So much. Go-Busters has really done a good job at making me like the MOTDs. Usually I couldn’t care less about them, but this year I just want them all as my friends…well, not the murdering/data gathering/Messiah sides of them.

Anyway, the Megazord is destroyed and Parabolaroid finds a Messiah Card. Plot twist! The Messiah Card infuses itself with Parabolaroid, giving him fighter jet-like arms and ridding him of his adorable personality. He now speaks with Messiah’s (awesome, but not a patch on Parabolaroid’s) voice and has the ability to make objects disappear into data – from a cargo ship, to trucks, to a badly-composited and disproportionate plane. The three Busters attempt to fight him, but he’s too powerful.  Just as Hiromu and Ryuuji go to deliver an attack, J steps in and protects Parabolaroid. Another plot twist! J fires at the Busters and then disappears along with Parabolaroid, generally confusing the Busters.

Kurorin talks to Jin via his subdimension communicatey similar-to-Enter’s talkey place. I have no idea what it is. Has it actually been explained? Anyway, Jin is just as confused as to why J protected Parabolaroid. Kurorin offers Jin help for returning to the real world, but Jin shrugs it off and says that they need to focus on the Vaglass first. On a completely different rooftop to earlier, J demands the Messiah Card from Parabolaroid – he isn’t having though (obviously) and starts to attack J. J stops himself from counterattacking though for some reason, so he is just thrown around by Parabolaroid. Escape and Enter watch where it’s revealed that once a card has fused with something, that’s it. There’s no going back. It’s fused. Forever. Enter also notes that the fusion hasn’t quite worked. The data Parabolaroid has gathered is pretty useless.

The Go-Busters finally decide to arrive as the beating moves to a plaza-type-place. J pleas for the card and pleas for the Go-Busters to stop the attack on Parabolaroid. They demand answers, and J finally reveals that the Messiah Card used on Parabolaroid has a data fragment on it. Jin arrives, and attempts to let the whole thing blow over; but J continues to reveal more – During the transport, some data from Jin was dropped and therefore the teleport wasn’t perfect. That dropped data is now on that Messiah Card. I believe that’s the case anyway.

The three main Go-Busters fight Parabolaroid carefully while J holds Jin at gunpoint. J wants to know why Jin has given up on saving himself and then he delivers this speech about how fascinating the world is. Jin does his usual Attack J routine and says that he’ll figure something out eventually and with that, J begins to leave. Jin stops him though, wanting to finish off the Metaroid first. The battle begins, and Parabolaroid is soon defea- Oh. Enter appears and TRANSFORMS. Just like Escape! He looks badass. Enter informs them of how similar him and Jin are – they are both comprised of data after all – and then he beats them up with some badass flying or something. As Parabolaroid goes to deliver the finishing move, Enter stops him and PULLS OUT the Messiah Card from inside and fades away. Hooray, the original Parabolaroid is back! Oh. He’s defeated. Oh. Sad times.

Walking from the battle, Yoko wonders if their families can be recovered through Messiah Cards. They quickly dismiss the thought though – data for a whole person would take up quite a lot of space. Changing the mood, Yoko sees J in a new light now that he finally had a moment of worry for Jin. Cue some hilarious Buddyroid antics and the episode ends.

An episode that forwards the plot, is focused on Jin and J, AND is just good in general? Awesome. I loved this episode for those reasons. It really does feel like we haven’t had a Jin and J episode is ages. It makes me sad. 5/5.