Go-Busters 41 & 42


The Go-Busters go to this guy’s house who has found a Messiah Card…but he wants 10million yen for it. See Go-Busters, that’s what you get for advertising a reward! They want to look at it just to check, and the guy glances at a massive safe. And then, a woman in a pink wig and a pink version of the Go-Busters civilian uniform appears in the window. She flips across the room, easily crack the safe, leaves a card, and leaps out of the window. The card – her name is Phantom Thief Pink Buster. I’m having Abare Pink vibes.

The three chase after and encounter her in the streets – Yoko is thrown from a balcony (and somehow doesn’t get hurt), Ryuuji has flour (?) thrown in his face, but, she stops to talk to Hiromu. ‘The more dangerous something is, the more valuable it will be’. I guess that’s her motivation. The two are soon met by Buglers and Hiromu morphs. He tries to convince her to hand over the card, but she runs. Hiromu leaves Ryuuji and Yoko with the Bugles while he chases after her. Um, it’s now day all of a sudden and Hiromu can’t find Pink Buster anywhere….all he sees is one woman walking by. Come on, Hiromu! That’s obviously her! There’s no one else around! Come on! Anyway, this woman gets into a taxi and takes out a Messiah card from her bag. KNEW IT.

Back at the EMC, the team discuss Pink Buster – a thief who can appear like a ghost, who only steals from villains. Is she trying to help, but failing miserably? Hiromu wants to find her before the Metaroid forms, but a Megazord is already transporting! SHOCK! The Go-Busters find the Metaroid at the guy’s house (the guy at the beginning, who was polishing a Ganesh statue, I should probably add). The guy simply hands over this statue as soon as they arrive. I thought he was greedy? The Metaroid reveals himself as Louperoid (based on a magnifying glass…apparently) and he leaves.

Hiromu runs into the streets where he meets Pink Buster once again. Hiromu says he doesn’t have time for her, but she holds up a Messiah Card and claims she was thinking of giving it back (as if). So Louperoid came from a different card perhaps? Hiromu tries to grab the card, but Pink Buster keeps nonchalantly moving out of the way, but her glasses are soon knocked off and Hiromu recognizes her as the woman from before! Really? Hiromu can remember a random woman’s face? She reveals herself as Saotome Reika and she asks Hiromu to close his eyes while moving closer to him. She grabs his Morphin Brace with little effort and uses it for bribery. If Hiromu helps her with her job, he’ll get that Messiah Card.

Yoko searches for a Metaroid where she comes across a woman just giving away her shopping bags….and hangbags…and even her coat. How unusual. Meanwhile, at a loading dock, a man looks at his brand new painting of some beetles and he’s ecstatic. Louperoid appears and tries to do something to this guy, but Jin and J interrupt and battle Louperoid until he manages to escape. Jin wonders what Louperoid is after.

Hiromu and Reika enter a jewellery store, now dressed In a suit and a dress respectively (otherwise they’d stand out too much and they don’t want that). Reika takes a look at the ring, impressed by it. She does a few shifty looks around the store and mutters ‘It hasn’t arrived yet’, before moving on. Meanwhile at the EMC, Jin and Kurorin try to figure out what data Louperoid is after. They recall the previous Messiah Metaroids and their patterns. Ryuuji and Yoko, still looking for Louperoid, chime in with their encounters earlier. Jin determines that it’s ‘materialism’.

Now at a museum, Reika admires some sculptures…and it’s not long before she wants to move on once again. Outside, Hiromu stops her and wonders if she’s trying to lure out Louperoid so she can defeat it…and that’s why she’s dragging along Hiromu. Reika gives in. It’s true…and the Messiah Card she has is just paper. The card she took at first was real, but it soon infected her magnifying glass and starting targeting innocent people. And right on cue, Louperoid turns up! The two ‘morph’, and Red Buster and Pink Buster team up in a grand fight with the Buglers!

Oh, and Jin and J fight Loupezord who steals the SJ-05 components from Buster Hercules (I know I usually glaze over the Megazord fights…but there’s not really that much to comment on). Yoko and Ryuuji arrive to take on Louperoid and Hiromu wants a promise of Reika. If they defeat Louperoid, she has to give up stealing. She agrees and Louperoid is beaten down by Go-Busters Powered Custom. Oh, and Loupezord is defeated.

Back at the EMC, Hiromu has been sent a letter from Pink Buster. A love letter perhaps? ‘I cannot stop stealing. There is one thing I must have. All I want is your heart!’. How wonderfully cheesy.

Right. This episode. It was decent. I feel like this has been done before somewhere, but it was enjoyable. 3/5.


We begin with the Go-Busters fighting Densharoid 2. Yoko notes that it’s not a Messiah Metaroid so they finish it with one shot, and then she runs off and tells them to follow her for some reason. Sure enough, Densharoid follows them outside where he is met by Hiromu and Ryuuji. Where’s Yoko? Oh there she is, in the air above. IT’S TIME FOR SPECIAL BUSTER. Kaboom. Densharoid is defeated. But of course, there’s still the Denshazord to worry about so they dispatch the Zords. On a nearby rooftop, Enter appears WITH A MESSIAH CARD and throws the card into Denshazord! It quickly steals some nearby Enetron and transforms into Megazordroid! WHAT.  But it’s still train-like. I’m confused. Oh wait, the Megazord has turned INTO a Metaroid? Okay, I get it now. I think. Yes, I do. Good. Nakamura detects an incoming Megazord…because you know, where there’s a Metaroid, there’s a Megazord. They wait. Nothing. Is it another one underground? Who knows. But then, Megazordroid transforms into a massive train and flies in a random vortex. What the fu-

The Go-Busters split up to patrol the city. In the city, a random man laments over a ‘mistake’. Suddenly, fog rolls in and a train is heard. The Megazordroid train appears in front of him – ‘Stopping at a guy with no self-respect’. The doors open and the man is pulled inside. As quickly as it appeared, the train disappears. Hiromu is on his way, but he gets a call saying that the Metaroid has already moved on. The next victim is a young boy – a ‘cry-baby’…then a woman with no willpower. The Go-Busters meanwhile are being pulled from location to location – not able to keep up with the Metaroid. Yoko however finds the next victim and tries to pull him away from the train. It’s no use; they’re both pulled inside! Hiromu and Ryuuji arrive just as the train takes off for the vortex.

Inside the train, Megazordroid makes an announcement – ‘This train will be collecting data on your weaknesses. We appreciate your co-operation’. I love Megazordroid and his polite-yet-‘evil’ announcements. I find them hilarious. Yoko finds there is no way of escape and her Morphin Brace doesn’t work. She also finds the other victims in her carriage – all mopey and depressed understandably; they’ve just been pulled into a ghost train. Yoko determines that she needs to cheer everyone up, or else Messiah will grow.

There’s some Enter and Escape stuff just enforcing the conflict between them. Nothing really for me to comment on here. At the EMC, Jin and J find out about the current situation…and J immediately begins to morph and exclaims that he will save her, but Jin stops him. I love you, J. They can’t contact her or find the train, but they can see the link between the victims – they’re all depressed or weakened in some way. To find the train, they’ve sent out Nakamura as a lure. She sits on a park bench, crying.

Meanwhile, inside the train, Yoko hands out chocolates to the passengers in an attempt to cheer them up. She even hands out one to the woman who was trying to give up sweets. Oh, Yoko. The chocolate doesn’t do anything; in fact, it somehow depresses them even more. She instead decides to sing – the same song that Umeko sang in Episode 1 of Dekaranger! It’s a really weird song which basically says ‘We’re still alive, so let’s sing’. The singing begins to cheer people up, but the train suddenly stops, slamming Yoko into a window. SHE EVEN DOES THE CARTOON SLIDE-DOWN-THE-WINDOW! It was hilarious. Outside, the fog rolls in around Nakamura as she repeats ‘I’m a failure’ in her head and the Go-Busters hide nearby. ‘We’re passing this station’. Oh. Clearly Megazordroid is just too smart to be fooled so easily.

Megazordroid does appear in the city in its Megazord Form because there’s a ‘problem with the train’. A problem? Oh, it’s Yoko! She’s cheered everyone up after slamming her head against a window…and Megazordroid doesn’t like this newfound happiness. To defeat this, Buglers are sent into the carriage, and Yoko fights them. Outside, Go-Buster Beet wraps his crane hook around Megazordroid, and then extends his crane arm to him – allowing Hiromu and Ryuuji to (in very dodgy CGI) run across the arm into Megazordroid. Megazordroid becomes a train again and takes off.

Yoko receives a call from Hiromu saying they’ve succeeding in breaking in. I thought the Morphin Brace didn’t work inside? But this is just communicating and since they’re all inside, they can contact each other but not Kurorin? That makes sense I guess. It’s not like she’s morphing or anything. Hiromu and Ryuuji are confronted by Enter, so Hiromu takes Enter outside while Ryuuji finds the engine. Ryuuji finally reaches the engine where Escape is lurking. Meanwhile, Yoko finishes off the Buglers…and then suddenly runs out of energy. But she has no chocolate left! She handed it all out! Thankfully, no-sweets woman has some food, which she hands to Yoko. With this newfound energy, she manages to…morph. Um. How? Or could she do that since the beginning and just didn’t bother? I don’t know.

Yoko finds the engine room and destroys the engine. Ryuuji and Yoko escape, leaving Escape (hehe) in the exploding engine. But wait, the engine begins to talk in Messiah’s voice – calling Escape’s name. Back in the city, Megazordroid reappears and the victims are rushed to safety. Also, Hiromu and Enter face off and Hiromu learns of Enter and his Messiah card. As Megazordroid is defeated, it suddenly crumbles and a new Megazord emerges! The missing Megazord! EVERYONE IS CONFUSED. OH, ESCAPE IS PILOTING IT. ESCAPEZORD? I don’t think so. Enter also reveals that he collected two sets of data – human weaknesses, and the strength required to overcome these weaknesses. Hiromu has no time to deal with Enter, so he summons Lioh. AND DUN DUN DUN, TO BE CONTINUED.

I thought this was a really good episode. It was fun, but it had some good plot-moving moments…and it didn’t end! There’s more to come with this story! 5/5!