Go-Busters 47 & 48


Following the previous episode’s big twist, Enter reveals that Messiah has been combined with him. The original Messiah is gone…and he will become the new Messiah. He also reveals that the data collected by the Messiah Metaroids wasn’t lost. Bombshell much? Escape and Kuwagataroid attack and Escape even begins her introductions again. Meanwhile, J questions Kuwagataroid about his kuwagata. I don’t even understand this mini-kuwagata storyline. Why does it exist? Enter continues to reveal plot – he’s only able to merge data with plants and bugs, but soon enough, he’ll be able to merge data with HUMANS. With the collected data, he aims to become the perfect human! He’s even taken Hiromu’s data…and he says one word – “Chicken”. Hiromu freezes! ENTER FINALLY KNOWS HIS WEAK POINT. The Go-Busters are forced to retreat.

Back at the EMC, the crew decide they need to try and at least cure Hiromu’s weak point a little bit. They put him in a cage full of chickens – he freezes. Trying to take things slowly, they show him pictures of chickens, starting off cartoony and eventually getting more and more realistic. Hiromu can initially control the freezing…slightly, but it becomes increasingly more difficult. Then, Jin pops out of a box in a chicken costume (sort of), and Hiromu just collapses. Well done, Jin.

The others discuss Escape and her constant resetting, and they wonder if both Escape and Enter can ever be defeated if they just keep reappearing. They concur that the Escape they see now is formed from backup data from before she met the Go-Busters. They wonder where this backup came from, and Kurorin theorizes that it’s from the mysterious 13th card.

The next day, Kuwagataroid calls out for the Go-Busters. At the EMC, J announces that he will defeat the Metaroid, but Jin orders him to take the Megazord, claiming that J hasn’t been making sense recently. He really hasn’t. Hiromu, Yoko, Ryuuji and Jin arrive at the scene and are greeted by Kuwagataroid, Escape and Enter. Escape prepares to attack, but Enter just destroys Escape on the spot. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ENTER!? Even Kuwagataroid is confused. Oh, he just lost his temper for a bit. Oopsy. Anyway, he simply creates another Escape. New!Escape and Kuwagataroid take on the Busters while Enter just hangs back for a bit. Also, J takes on Kuwagatazord.

During the fight, Kuwagataroid shouts “Chicken!” at Hiromu, but Jin slashes him, freeing him in the process. So Hiromu can be unfrozen by physical attacks on him? Makes sense I suppose. Poor Hiromu, though. He is soon shot and pushed in attempts to unfreeze him. Kuwagataroid is quickly defeated by Jin riding Hiromu’s Volcanic Attack. Kuwagatazord is also defeated with the help of Hiromu and Jin.

We return to Escape, Yoko, and Ryuuji…and the two Busters morph into Powered Custom (in the best insta-morph I’ve probably seen ever. SO GOOD I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE IT). Escape doesn’t stand a chance. KABOOM. She’s gone…again. Hiromu, Jin and J join Yoko and Ryuuji to face Enter. Hiromu informs that he’ll never become human since he shows no compassion for his comrades. This angers Enter and he transforms, but he welcomes an attack and is seemingly killed.

The Go-Busters relax, and J finds his kuwagata on his leg. It’s been there all along. I still don’t understand the point of this storyline. Ah well. BUT THEN, ENTER REMATERIALIZES OUT OF A HANDRAIL THAT HIROMU WAS JUST HOLDING. WHAT IS GOING ON!? The Go-Busters immediately realize that Enter has a backup, and they determine that it must be destroyed. Enter simply points to his backup – HIROMU. As long as Hiromu exists, Enter will always revive.


Overall, a really good episode. Once again, the cliffhanger was just brilliant! (Thankfully, I had a few episodes to catch up on so I didn’t have to wait a week for a continuation). I give this a 4/5.


Enter continues to reveal more about this whole thing. There’s a card inside Hiromu that Enter planted in him on the same day the Messiah Cards were revealed. The 13th card is special apparently, it’s where all the data from the Metaroids has ended up, and it also contains Enter’s data. All that data…is now inside Hiromu. That explains why Enter knew his weak point when he was restored – Card 13 was also gathering data on Hiromu! Enter cackles, and leaves.

Back at the EMC, Nick finds Hiromu training – determined. In the command centre, the crew notice the change in Hiromu’s teleportation data, and Card 13’s data has mixed with his regular data. Outside the Standard Toei Stadium, Nick finds Hiromu training still. He’s exhausted though, since he refuses to stop training. Nick hands him water, and Hiromu just pours it over himself. Yoko arrives and assures Hiromu that they’ll find a way to extract the card, but Hiromu seems to just laugh it off, telling her not to be so serious…and then he leaves to take a bath.

In a forest, Enter revives Escape who now sports a snake on her arm…for some reason. This version of Escape is notably more violent and immediately starts shooting at Enter. Enter, being the agile warrior he is, simply dodges the blasts though. He seems to miss the ‘real Escape’, and refers to this new Escape as just ‘corrupted data’. This is clearly a tragic love story between avatars. Enter leaves, and Escape goes on an animal murdering spree.

At the EMC, Jin begins a demonstration using Jenga – consisting of one black piece in the middle surrounded by all red pieces. He builds the layers one by one, simulating Hiromu in teleportation, and when it gets to the layer with the black piece, he knocks it out. So all they need to do is teleport Hiromu and do…something… It’s just a theory though, it might not work! Kurorin explains that the data is too complicated to tell them apart, so one mistake…and Hiromu would be lost forever.

At the EMC garage, Hiromu seems to be preparing for something, but Nick’s there too and knows he’s planning to go after Enter alone. The other Busters come to stop him, but Hiromu has already mounted Nick (probably a bad choice of words there) and is ready to go. Hiromu drives off and the two soon find themselves on a rooftop with Hiromu standing on the edge – ready to jump. Enter appears though and isn’t approving of his suicide attempt. Hiromu concludes that he should probably at least try without death first, so he morphs into Powered Custom and the fight begins.

The Go-Busters go to help, but they’re caught up in Escape’s attacks. She seems to be wearing animal skins as trophies…or something…and when she transforms, I don’t even know how to describe it. WHAT’S GOING ON, ESCAPE!? Enter vs Hiromu, Escape vs the others; both battles are insanely awesome.  Notably, Enter is able to mimic all of Hiromu’s techniques and attacks! He does have Hiromu’s data after all…

Escape is defeated…on the ground anyway. She merges with a building and a truck and becomes a Megazord, but she’s no match for Go-Buster King. Ryuuji comes across a dematerializing Escape on the ground – “I became…pretty good, right?”. And then she disappears in a mass of data. For the final time, I assume. Back to Enter and Hiromu, Hiromu manages to get the upper hand – he grabs Enter and initiates the Volcanic Attack. The two are engulfed in flames. Hiromu plans to take them both down and his suit can only withstand two minutes of fire! The other Busters arrive, but there’s nothing they can do. Hiromu ejects Nick from Powered Custom and both Enter and Hiromu EXPLODE!

The smoke clears, and Hiromu has been protected by a cocoon formed from Enter’s vines. Hiromu is released from the vines, alive, but singed. Enter soon rematerializes and claims to be unbeatable. He walks away, but stops and turns –



Seriously, Go-Busters. That’s three cliff-hangers in a row, with each one becoming more and more dramatic. I love you. This episode gets a 5/5. I don’t even have anything to say. It was just awesome.