Gokaiger 21

This is the second tribute episode in a row, and this time it’s Boukenger! Before watching this episode I thought it would be interesting for Akashi to meet the Gokaigers because they both hunt the same things: treasures (even though they’re referred to as ‘Precious’ by the Boukengers). I’m glad that there’s a Boukenger tribute episode even though the Grand Power was already received in the 199 Movie. This gives me hope for a Go-onger tribute episode since I loved that season.

When meeting Akashi, Gai freaks out and asks for an autograph. I love how Akashi casually signs Gai’s book while he talks to the other Gokaigers. I’m wondering if Gai’s book of autographs will become important in a future episode; I doubt this would happen, but it’s just a thought. Akashi reveals that he needs help finding a Precious: The Heart of Hades. Conveniently (or not so conveniently), the Zangyack are also after The Heart.

I like how this episode included an adventure, just as I expected with it being a Boukenger tribute episode. I like the rivalry between the Akashi and Marvelous; both Red Rangers and experienced adventurers/treasure hunters. I thought the similarities between them were really interesting, especially that they’ve both worked with AkaRed. I also like how Luka tagged along with the adventure rather than it just being all about Akashi and Marvelous.

I like that Ryuuwon returned instead of a just a regular Zangyack-of-the-day. Using Ryuuwon gives more of a reason for Akashi to be there and the battle is on a more personal level.

One thing I haven’t mentioned before is that I don’t like how the Gokaigers revert to their regular forms before the battle has even finished. I think it would be cool if they did a final attack as either the focused team in a similar style. For example, the Gokaigers using the Dual Crusher Drill Head as a final attack with the CGI background from Boukenger to match. I guess the thought to revert back to Gokaiger form was to save money and just use the stock footage Final Wave.

Rather than a new mecha, we have a Boukenger-inspired attack performed by GokaiOh. As I’ve said before, I like that every Grand Power doesn’t require a new mecha since we’d just have an army of mecha that could potentially only be used once. I’d like to see some of these inspired attacks used in Ranger forms too.


Overall, I really liked these episodes. The scenes between Akashi and Marvelous were really interesting and the adventure scenes were really cool. I give this episode a 4/5

These episodes could easily be adapted as an Operation Overdrive tribute. Mack, the Red Overdrive Ranger also loved adventures so this would be a perfect episode for him to return. Early in the episode, Gai tells the team to transform into ninjas. He proceeded to transform into Shurikenger while the others transform into Kakuranger. This reference wouldn’t make sense in Power Rangers as the Kakurangers were just simply aliens. However, this could easily be reshoot or repurposed.