Gokaiger 13

Before watching this episode, I was excited because we previously had Ahim and Don focus episodes, but not a solo Ahim focus episode.

This episode begins with Ahim getting kidnapped by Eikichi Nashida, who plans to hold her for ransom in a warehouse. This episode takes an unexpected twist as Ahim doesn’t comply with any of his demands and reveals that she is a pirate. We soon learn that Nashida needs 30 million yen to pay off a debt. Ahim calls the other Gokaigers to tell them she’s with “Kidnapper-san” and she needs 300 million yen. Since she’s a princess, she doesn’t really understand the difference between 30 million and 300 million. The others misunderstand this and believe she is being forced to hand over the money. I found this whole misunderstanding hilarious. They also believe the “Kidnapper-san” is a Zangyack, and not a regular human.

We soon learn that the Zangyack are after Puazole, a special metal that can be used as a weapon. Of course, Nashida is the one who has the Puazole which is a very big coincidence. Nashida gives the Puazole to Ahim, who encourages him to find a new life.

The two are attacked by the Zangyack and the other Gokaiger’s arrive. They blame the Zangyack for the kidnap and Ahim goes along with this. This episode featured another civilian fight against the Gormin. I really like that they’re starting to do these regularly, rather than just something saved for special episodes such as finales. The Zangyack are soon defeated, followed by Ahim apologizing for allowing the others to blame them.


I give this episode a 3/5. While it had some funny and awesome moments, the whole “Kidnapper conveniently has the Puazole” plot was a little contrived.

This would be another easy episode to adapt into Power Rangers. If the kidnapper plot isn’t adequate for the season, it could easily be changed to something else