Gokaiger 14

I was expecting a certain level of comedy from this episode since it was a Carranger focus. I often love comedic episodes as much as the serious ones, but I was not expecting what happened in this comedic one.

Once again, the guest star of this episode is a Red Ranger: Kyousuke Jinnai, also known as Red Racer from Carranger. Usually, I would be disappointed that a Red Ranger is a guest star, but Kyousuke was very entertaining this week so I’m not too bothered.

The Insaan-Kyousuke-Jealoushitto love triangle plot was hilarious, and obviously not meant to be taken seriously. Even though I knew this episode would be comedic, I was not expecting it on this level (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing). We even got to see Jealoushitto and Insaan in high school, even with uniforms!

The scene with Insaan dancing had me laughing, hard. There was actually a point where tears were streaming down my face (Although, even small giggles can start the tears for me). My brother was exactly the same so we had to pause the scene while we composed ourselves. We enjoy that scene so much we go back and watch it again, just for the laughs. While I enjoyed the complete surprise of the whole situation, I was afraid that it would make Insaan less threatening in future episodes. However, I thought that comedic episodes sometimes have characters do spontaneous and unexpected stuff, and Insaan would return to normal in the next episode.

Another moment of hilarity for Insaan is when she protects Kyousuke from Jealoushitto. Insaan throws ‘Kyousuke’ around, although, it is obvious that it’s just a doll. This fact just adds to the hilarity for me.

Similar to past tribute episodes, the Gokaigers transform into the focused team. This time, the team mistakenly transform into Turboranger rather than Carranger, much to frustration of Kyousuke. Eventually, the Gokaigers get it right, and like previous episodes we get to hear an instrumental of the Carranger theme. This is followed by an interesting finisher involving rollerblades, a unicycle and a skateboard.


There are too many funny moments throughout the episode for me to comment on, so I give this episode a 5/5. I would say this is one of my favourite Gokaiger episodes so far, alongside the episode featuring the Sneak Brothers.

If this was adapted into Power Rangers, a lot of the Zangyack romance scenes and the Carranger finisher would probably be cut due to the ‘wacky’ nature of the scenes.