Gokaiger 15 & 16

In these episodes we are introduced to Basco ta Jolokia (which is such an awesome name), former member of the Akaki Pirates alongside Marvelous and AkaRed. I like Basco because he is more interesting than the Zangyack at the moment because of his past with Marvelous (The fact that he isn’t in a rubber suit also helps). It is later revealed that Basco is also after the greatest treasures in the universe. This is very reminiscent to Boukenger where both the Boukengers and the Negative Syndicate were after the same treasure, known in Boukenger as ‘Precious’. His sidekick, Sally, has the ability to create giant-sized creatures. I don’t like this because it’s just an excuse for a mecha fight to fill some time. I would rather some episodes to be without mecha fights.

Through flashbacks showing AkaRed, Basco and Marvelous as the Akaki Pirates, we learn that the Ranger Keys were somehow scattered throughout the universe. I’m guessing that it could’ve been during the Legend War when they used their powers to defeat the Zangyack armies. Basco betrays AkaRed and Marvelous in order to obtain the greatest treasure in the universe. This then leads onto the flashback we saw in Episode 2 of AkaRed defending Marvelous. In Episode 16, we see Marvelous’ and AkaRed’s first meeting and we learn the reason why Marvelous joined the Akaki Pirates. I really like how this season is explaining the back stories more than other seasons.

Basco is able to summon ‘ranger drones’ from his trumpet, similar to Diend from Kamen Rider Decade. I like this idea, because potentially, Basco could steal the Gokaiger keys and force the civilian Gokaigers to fight the transformed Gokaigers (this is just my own thought, it’s not rumoured or confirmed to be happening at any point). The drones summoned in these episodes are originally DekaBreak, Shurikenger, TimeFire, DragonRanger and KingRanger, but later 10 Gold, Silver and White Sixth Rangers are summoned (I know some of them aren’t technically ‘sixth’ but I’m putting them in this category). This obviously would lead people to believe that Basco would become the sixth Gokaiger.

During the first fight at the end of Episode 15, the Gokaigers fail to fight off these drones and are eventually captured by Basco, all except for Marvelous. Even in the more serious episodes like these, Gokaiger always seems to have small scenes of comedy. While trapped in a cage, Don tries to entice Sally over by making monkey noises. I love how Ahim tries to join in but Luka doesn’t allow her. Eventually, Sally comes over to the cage, only to throw her banana at Don before leaving.  Joe then sees the more obvious way of escaping: the classic air vent. The four attempt to slide through, and unfortunately Don is kicked in the face by Luka repeatedly (knowing Luka, it was probably on purpose). The four reach the end, only to be greeted by Basco.

Marvelous agrees to exchange the chest full of Ranger Keys for the other Gokaigers, but of course, they manage to escape and keep the Ranger Keys. The Gokaigers battle the Ranger Drones once again, this time defeating them and reverting them back into Ranger Keys. At the end of the fight they collect the keys, just in time for the sixth ranger maybe? At the end of the episode, Basco reveals he has more Ranger Keys for the extra heroes such as Wolzard Fire, DekaSwan, Female ShinkenRed, Rio, Mele etc.


I really liked these episodes because they introduced a new and interesting recurring character, as well as giving us another look into Marvelous’ history. I give these episodes a 5/5

These two episodes are once again easily adaptable into Power Rangers. Basco can easily be replaced with an American actor, similar to Juzo/Deker from Samurai and many other characters from the seasons before.