Gokaiger 17

In this episode we are introduced to another new character, Ikari Gai, an excitable and hyperactive Super Sentai fanboy. I like his character because he is a contrast against the other Gokaigers. While Don is wacky, he is more toned down compared to Gai.

I didn’t like the beginning of the episode because it started with a seemingly pointless Mecha battle, switching between stock footage attacks and the Sugormin exploding. However, this scene did establish that this episode takes place after the movie. I do like this mention because it stops the sometimes endless discussion between fans of where the movie fits in.

This episode involves a GokaiChange using the Ranger Keys acquired from Basco last episode. Ahim as AbareKiller looks really funny to me, just because it goes against the original AbareKiller’s serious nature.

The scene where Gai introduces himself was really funny. It involved a day dream that included the dramatic walk from the beginning of the opening sequence with Gai replacing Don. The five in the daydream address the kids in the audience, with Marvelous, Joe and Luka being overly happy, which was hilarious. Gai and Ahim were their usual selves, as noted by Ahim herself. Understandably, Don questioned his lack of appearance in the dream.

While watching the raw encode I was really confused by Gai’s roll call. Eventually, I figured out that each section corresponded with a Gokaiger colour. I like how after GokaiSilver poses and streamers explode behind him, the scene flashes to him in the same stance in front of the Gokaigers (as seen in the banner). This makes it seem like the over-the-top and ridiculous roll call happened as part of Gai’s fantasy.

GokaiSilver’s first fight was awesome, just like the other debuts of extra rangers. This fight also debuts a new song dedicated to GokaiSilver, which was also awesome. Usually, I don’t really like/pay attention to battle songs, but this year’s have been amazing. I like how Gai needed the help of the others to defeat the Zangyack. In other years, the extra rangers have more power their first episode and suddenly drop to the team’s level in the next few.


I give this episode a 4/5 because it was a good introduction for Gai/GokaiSilver, as well as having a good sub-plot for the Gokaigers.

This episode would need to be adapted into Power Rangers because of the introduction of GokaiSilver. It would another easy episode with the Gokai Changes involved have appeared in Power Rangers