Gokaiger 18

In this episode we learn Gai’s backstory. After risking his life to save a young girl, he meets TimeFire, DragonRanger and AbareKiller in his dream. Because he was reckless, he gains his GokaiCellular, GokaiSilver Ranger Key and the Timeranger, Zyuranger and Abaranger Grand Powers.

After learning about Gai’s past, Marvelous takes away his GokaiCellular because he feels that he hasn’t mastered the GokaiSilver powers yet. I’m not very fond of this storyline because it isn’t something original, meaning it’s been used in many other shows already.

Gai continues to bring more comedic moments, such as freaking out over the chest of Ranger Keys and doing his henshin pose before realizing he hasn’t got his GokaiCellular. I really like Gai and I’m sure, like the other Gokaigers, he won’t fail to provide more comedy in the future.

Gai goes to the battle without his GokaiCellular, which results in a civilian fight, something that Gokaiger seems to be doing more regularly. As I’ve mentioned before, I really like it when they do this. Of course, the other Gokaigers come to his aid and Marvelous returns his GokaiCellular. Gai, now as GokaiSilver, instructs the team to transform into ‘the one with the kanji on the face’. The main five Gokaigers become Shinkenger while Marvelous mistakenly hands Gai the KingRanger key, much to Gai’s frustration. Surely Gai would’ve pressed the ShinkenGold button if he thought he had ShinkenGold? He eventually gets the right key, where we then see the full Shinkenger team in a location that had once been used by them (Shinkenger Episode 18)

After using a special Shinkenger attack, we see the five Gokaigers all transform into Silver Rangers. One thing I just noticed: when the team run towards the Zangyack, Don as GaoSilver crawls across the floor (I’m not sure really how to describe it, fast crawl? Scurry?). I just found this amusing.

Eventually, we learn that the Grand Powers allow Gai to use his own mecha, from the future (ala Timeranger). I like how each Ranger Key corresponds to a different mode of the mecha: TimeFire allows him to use the GouJyuDrill, DragonRanger the GouJyuRex and AbareKiller the GouJyuJin. The transformation sequences for GouJyuRex and GouJyuJin are amazing. While I don’t mind the use of CGI in mecha battles, it is nice to have the scene done with real models. Along with debut of GouJyuJin, we get the debut of a new insert song: “Kansen! GouJyuJin” sung by Boukenger’s NoB. The song really added to the fantastic fight and finisher and continued to trend of awesome insert songs in this season.


I was slightly disappointed with the main story of this episode. All the action was good, as usual, but the story was predictable and unoriginal. I give this episode a 3/5

As usual, this would be an easy episode to adapt into Power Rangers. The Grand Powers and Gokai Changes in this episode were all used in Power Rangers, so all the battles were usable.