Gokaiger 19

The episode starts with Gai, as GokaiSilver, being connected to the Ranger Key Treasure Chest. I’m really surprised that they gave us an explanation of how the Ranger Keys appear in the Gokaigers’ belts. I would never have expected it to be explained this late in the show, or even at all. I really liked this little touch.

I thought I should comment on the Zangyack since I haven’t in a while. I still don’t find them that interesting. However, I do like Insaan because of the events of Episode 14 and I sort of interested in Barizorg’s past, but that’s it. Damarasu rarely does anything and Waruzu Giru just gives orders.

The main story of this episode is Don not liking Gai because he does everything better than him, from cooking to fighting. I think this story is fitting because I always saw Don as the wacky one until Gai came along. I was confused at first, wondering why they brought in someone with a similar personality. Although, I quickly learned that Gai’s wackiness is a lot more over-the-top than Don’s.

The other story of this episode involves the Zangyack-of-the-week stealing people’s bones, causing them to flop on the floor while saying “Funyaaaa”. I found this plot completely ridiculous, but hilarious. The word “funya” has become engrained into me and my brother’s head. We often joke about saying “funya” as we go to sleep. Of course, the Gokaigers end up losing their bones, except for Don and Gai.

An unusual Gokai Change occurs this episode. Due to Gai’s inability to choose between Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver, the two merge; become the half-Gold and half-Silver Go-on Wings. I love the team’s reactions to this change, from Marvelous’ “What the hell is that?” to Luka’s Engrish “Unbelievable”. I also love the reactions after Gai’s drawn out roll call as the Go-on Wings combo. Everyone simply stands there, including the Gormin in a “What the hell” moment; except for Ahim, who is impressed and applauds Gai. On the subject of Gokai Changes, Don performs an awesome running “Instamorph”. I especially like “Instamorphs” when they’re played out like this one rather than just a flash of coloured light.

Unlike a lot of the fandom, I really don’t mind the look of GokaiSilver’s Gold Mode. At first, looking at the pictures, I wasn’t thrilled by the overall design; but after seeing it in action I like it more. The Final Wave has become one of my favourite finishers ever as GokaiSilver summons the ‘spirits’ of the past Sixth Heroes. After the epic Final Wave, we have the obligatory Mecha fight.

The episode ends with a funny moment as the team discover Gai’s bounty is already more than Don’s, with Gai’s being 100,000 Zagins and Don’s at 5,000.


This episode was a lot better than the last and had an interesting conflict between Don and Gai, so I give this episode a 4/5

This episode involves Gokai Changes of Bioman and Flashman, two teams not seen in Power Rangers. This could easily be avoided by simply reshooting that one scene.