Gokaiger 20

Another tribute episode and this time it’s Gingaman, featuring the return of Hyuuga/Black Knight an Ryouma/GingaRed. As usual, it’s nice to have an appearance from a non-Red Ranger (even though GingaRed appeared, he wasn’t the main focus of the plot). We also see the return of Basco ta Jolokia who summons MagiMother, Wolzard Fire and DekaMaster to battle the Gokaigers.

After hearing Navi’s clue about the next Grand Power, Gai immediately knows that it’s the Gingamen they should be looking for. He reveals a picture book that he conveniently has. The picture book looks really odd. GingaGreen looks slightly feminine and GingaBlue resembles his mecha – Gingarilla. It’s fine that GingaBlue resembles his mecha, but none of the others seem to resemble theirs.

I love how Gai freaks out when meeting Hyuuga for the first time, even going as far as asking for an autograph as Basco summoning minions. Although, how exactly does Gai know the civilian identities of these Rangers?

The main story of this episode follows Gai and Hyuuga. Hyuuga asks Gai for his GokaiCellular to continue protecting the planet. Gai considers this because Hyuuga is more experienced and it would be more beneficial for him to fight as GokaiSilver. Basco appears as Gai is about to hand over the GokaiCellular. Basco pulls the Black Knight powers out of Hyuuga using his trumpet, which creates a Black Knight Ranger Key. I think it’s great that they explained how Ranger Keys can be made.

Gai eventually comes around and refuses to give his GokaiCellular to Hyuuga since it’s his dream to protect the world. After that, the final battle commences with the six Gokaigers facing MagiMother, Wolzard Fire, DekaMaster and Black Knight. The five main Gokaiger transform into Gingaman with another great-looking transformation sequence.

The Gokaigers manage to defeat MagiMother, DekaMaster and WolzardFire, reverting them back into Ranger Keys. However, these keys are quickly picked up by Basco’s minion, Sally. Black Knight is taken down by GokaiSilver’s Gold Mode. I didn’t like the use of Gold Mode in this episode because it was summoned and then immediately used for the finisher. I would prefer a fight using Gold Mode instead of cutting straight to the finisher. It would be good if Gold Mode had a special weapon that could only be used in that mode, giving the power-up a purpose.

Sally unleashes a Moonroid which leads to the obligatory mecha battle involving GouJyuJin and Shinken-GokaiOh. After this battle, Hyuuga gives the Black Knight Key to Gai, believing that all the Keys should be kept in one place. As GokaiGalleon flies away, Ryouma and Hyuuga make a comment about the 35th team being space pirates. I like this nod to the villain of Gingaman, even though I was expecting some sort of reference.


I give this episode a 4/5 because it was a good story. I don’t really know what else to say.

This episode is easily adaptable because it features Gingaman, a team seen in Power Rangers. The forest could possibly be used as Mirinoi and could have Basco’s equivalent trying to acquire the Quasar Sabers. However, I don’t think Danny Slavin would be willing to return based on complications (which I’m not sure if the stories are true) in Forever Red and Trakeena’s Revenge.  Another Galaxy Ranger could easily take Leo’s place.