Gokaiger 24

When I found out that Jealoushitto was returning I was so excited so for this episode. The Carranger episode which previously has Jealoushitto is still my favourite this season so I was expecting a certain level of silliness and comedy.

At the beginning at this episode we learn that Jealoushitto has been treated as ‘oversized garbage’ by the Zangyack, and now lives among human garbage. Eventually, he becomes the pet of takoyaki-stand owner Nobuyuki. The Gokaigers soon discover this, but rather than transforming, they just roll their eyes and don’t even bother with him. I found it hilarious that they don’t even see him as a threat anymore.

The Zangyack Action Commander this week is Senden, who tries to use flyers to convince the public that Zangyack are the best. Senden soon goes Jealoushitto who is ruining the Zangyack’s image. This is where the Gokaigers step in to face Senden, only after being told to by Gai. They transform with an unenthusiastic ‘Gokai Change’, which I found amusing. An awesome battle against the Gormin begins, with the insert song “Otakara no Sagase!” playing (Otakara means ‘treasure’ and Sagase means ‘search) and a mid-battle roll call.

In this episode we get to see more full-team Gokai Changes. This time it’s Hurricaneger, Megaranger and Timeranger. I was slightly disappointed that Hurricaneger didn’t get any action and that Timeranger only did one attack, but otherwise, I was pleased to see the full team.

After the battle, the Gokaigers encourage Jealoushitto to leave Earth and open up an alien takoyaki shop. Nobuyuki approves, but first, they must get the approval of his mother. The mother doesn’t approve since she believes  Jealoushitto is just organic garbage. The Zangyack attack, and Jealoushitto is injured while protecting the mother. Jealoushitto seemingly dies with the mother crying over him. He simply says “I’m still alive”, which I found predictable, but humorous.

After defeating Senden, the Gokaigers find out that Jealoushitto has eloped with the mother. I’m sure this was meant to be funny, but I just found it really weird.


This episode gets a 2/5. As you can probably tell from the comments above, I just found this ‘comedic’ episode really weird with a few comedic moments spread without. Jealoushitto has quickly dropped from one of the best Action Commanders to one of the worst. The eloping was so random and just felt really out of place.

This episode could be adapted into Power Rangers, but the plot would have to be completely reworked for obvious reasons.