Gokaiger 25 & 26

The recap with Gai at the beginning of the episode was a cool way of reminding the audience of which Grand Powers have been acquired. This was especially useful for fans that haven’t seen the 199 Movie where multiple Grand Powers were acquired. While this could’ve been a way of padding out the episode, I saw this as extremely useful and quite funny.

After reading other reviews of these episodes, it seems that Satorakura Jr really annoyed some people. Personally, I found him hilarious. I’ve always wanted to watch Hurricaneger, but Satorakura Jr has made me want to watch it even more now.  The quiz scenes featuring Satorakura Jr in Part 2 were quite funny, especially when a Magerappa manages to throw a bucket over Luka’s head. However, I found the questions and answers a little hard to follow, just because of the amount of Japanese puns used.

The Gokai Changes used in these episodes were Liveman, Abaranger and BoukenSilver. It was great to see Liveman and Abaranger as a full team (sort of) because we haven’t seen them used like that yet. It was funny to me seeing a male Blue Dolphin and a female Yellow Lion.

I loved the updated transformation sequence and roll call for the Hurricanegers as well as the Gokai/Hurricaneger Final Wave. I think it would be cool is the Gokaigers did a roll call as the past team in each tribute episode. The battle following this was just as awesome. Due to the tribute being in 2 parts, it allowed more time for a battle featuring the returning team. The tribute episodes in the past seem to have just featured the returning team for a short battle before the Gokaigers revert back to normal forms. It would be good for all the tributes to be in 2 parts, similar to Kamen Rider Decade, but this would take up a lot more time and could possibly mean missing out a lot more teams.

I’m glad that the Gokaigers have acquired another mecha because it’s been a while since we’ve had a new one and the same combinations being used all the time are starting to get a little boring. I think the Furaimaru here is meant to be the same one used in Hurricaneger. If this is true then there is no explanation for the design change. I love the combination sequence for Hurricane-GokaiOh because it’s something different from the GokaiOh just standing there. I also love the finisher involving the army of Furaimarus. The mecha itself is alright. I’m not really a big fan of the mecha this year, apart from GouJyuJin.


I was very surprised, and very glad to hear that a full team (sort of) would be coming back. If this was going to happen, I would’ve expected it to happen with Shinkenger due to its popularity in Japan. I also liked that this tribute was a two-parter because it gives enough focus on the returning team and to the overall plot. Therefore, I give these episodes a 5/5

The Power Rangers version of this episode could potentially use the Abyss of Evil to revive Vexacus and Shimazu. The episodes wouldn’t be too hard to adapt since the useable footage doesn’t have a strong storyline featured, meaning the footage could be repurposed to almost anything.