Gokaiger 5

Like Magiranger, I was pleased to hear that Dekaranger was getting a focus episode because Dekaranger is one of my favourites. I’m guessing they’re going with featuring the more recent seasons because they are obviously most recognizable with the target audience. However, I would expect a episode to feature Goranger in the future because they were the first and iconic team.

I really liked that this episode featured cameos from other Rangers, rather than just Red. I’m a little disappointed that Jasmine and Ban’s cameos were just scenes at the beginning and end respectively, but it was still better than not appearing at all.

The interaction between Kruger and Marvelous was good, giving us some insight into Marvelous’ reasons to fight. Although, it would’ve been nice if Marvelous had this interaction with a human-faced character since its harder to judge Kruger’s emotions.

This episode saw the Gokaigers (sans Marvelous) transform into the Go-ongers and Dairangers. The fights here were great, especially Luka fighting with KirinRanger’s drunken style Kung Fu and Don as ShishiRanger fighting with a broom

It would’ve been great to see Kruger join the Gokai-Dekarangers as DekaMaster and fight alongside them, but it seems the original rangers have lost their powers. We saw this happen in the Legend War scene in episode 1, but I’m not sure where or when that takes place. I’m sure we’ll get more insight into this in the upcoming Gokaiger movie which features an extended Legend War and hopefully backstory.

I could immediately tell this episode was directed by Koichi Sakamoto because of the use of ‘shaky-cam’ and wire stunts. I actually really liked the use of wire work in this episode because it wasn’t used alongside slo-mo and explosions like in late-Disney era Power Rangers seasons.

The mecha fight took place at night in the city with searchlights, continuing Gokaiger’s trend of having unique-looking battle locations. The scene looked excellent alongside Deka-GokaiOh’s sirens flashing in red. The whole sequence was awesome, featuring an across-city gunfight, PatStriker racing and Deka-GokaiOh firing in midair.

This episode featured some epic battles and great development, so overall I give this episode 4/5.

This would be a simple episode to adapt to Power Rangers since SPD already exists in the universe. The only problem would be Dairanger, but that scene could easily be reshot to include a different team instead.