Gokaiger 6

This episode included the form changes of GoGoV, SunVulcan, Boukenger and Carranger for Luka and JAKQ for the others. I like the way these forms were utilized in this episode; GoYellow was used to enter the fire and YellowRacer was used to get the battle location quickly. I like how this gives Luka a reason to choose these forms and gives them a purpose instead of just a random form change.

We learn a little about Luka’s past and possibly why she loves money as much as she does. I like that we’re getting hints about each characters’ pasts gradually, like when we saw Marvellous and AkaRed in a flashback in Episode 2. I also like that we’re being shown through short flashbacks rather than us being told by a character. Hopefully we see some glimpses of back-story for the other characters too.

I thought the story between Kozo and Komaki was great and it tied in nicely with Luka’s own personality and development. Luka begins to change over the course of the episode with her realizing that material possessions aren’t most important thing in the world. However, at the end she still has a massive love for these possessions, so it seems like we’ll be seeing more of Luka and her antics.

This episode also had some great laugh out loud moments (intentionally of course), mostly coming from Luka. It was hilarious seeing her trying to get as much money as she can out of Komaki’s father, Kozo, before taking care of the Zangyack. Another great moment was Luka playing darts on a hand-drawn picture of Komaki.


Since my favourite character is Luka, there were a lot of expectations from this episode. In my opinion, this episode met all of them so I give this episode a 5/5

This would be another simple episode to adapt into Power Rangers, although, the fights involving JAKQ and SunVulcan would have to be reshot (if the adaptation would follow the rules of only involving teams seen in Power Rangers). Most episodes would be simple to adapt, the exceptions being episodes focusing on teams pre-Zyuranger.