Gokaiger 8

The beginning of this episode gave us small glimpses of the Gokaiger’s pasts. We had already seen Marvelous’ in Episode 2 and some of Luka’s in Episode 6. We learn that Joe was once part of the Zangyack but for some reason left. I’m sure this will be revisited in a future episode. We also learn that Ahim is a princess from the planet ‘Famille’ which was destroyed. We might see more of this story in future episodes. Then, we come to Don, who’s past is apparently not important enough to talk about. I’m not sure whether this was done for comic effect or if there is something really important about his past that will become apparent later on.

We are introduced to the Sneak Brothers, a hilarious double-act who I will actually miss. I usually don’t care much for the MOTDs but these two made me laugh…a lot. My favourite scene from them was at the beginning where they said goodbye to each other in a dramatic scene. The scene went from dramatic to comedic in a instance as Younger threw Elder at the GokaiGalleon…and missed.

I’m glad this episode wasn’t focused on one particular person. This meant we got to see a lot of all the Gokaigers and their personality quirks. For the first half of the episode there wasn’t an important story going on between the five, meaning we got to see them just be themselves and interact with each other, often with hilarious moments.

Later in the episode, we see the debut of the Denjiman and Goggle V Gokai Changes. The Denji-Gokaigers use a very cool looking ‘Denji Punch’ attack while the Goggle-Gokaigers use ribbons. I’m not too bothered by the use of the ribbons since this had already been a comedic episode. Continuing the comedic theme of the episode, GokaiOh manages to use a giant baseball bat in battle.

I doubt this episode would be adapted to Power Rangers because comedic episodes are typically cut. The Megazord battle would definately have to be cut due to the giant baseball bat with “GOKAIGER” written on the side


I give this episode a  5/5 because this has been my favourite episode of Gokaiger so far and possibly one of my favourite Sentai episodes ever.