Gokaiger 27

This is another episode that I was looking forward to ever since it was announced. I think they chose the right characters for the traditional body-switch episode. While something like an Ahim and Joe switch would’ve been interesting, a Don and Luka switch was definitely better. I realize that this will cause complications later in the review, so I’ll refer to Don in Luka’s body as DonLuka and Luka in Don’s body as LukaDon

As expected, this episode provided some great comedic moments. One of my personal favourites was just after they were switched and they didn’t even realize it (pictured below). There are way too many hilarious moments for me to comment on, but every scene provided something.

The actors were spot on with their characterizations in this episode. Mao Ichimichi’s portrayal of Don was perfect and was entirely convincing that she was now Don. Kazuki Shimizu’s performance as Luka was equally convincing. DonLuka’s story in the episode involving running away from the potentially violent men was hilarious, especially the reveal of the true intentions at the end. LukaDon’s story was also great as he/she becomes a womanizer with his new hairstyle and attitude. At the end of the episode, Don fails to attract the girls while dressed in his usual style. However, I will say this: Bowties are cool.

I thought this would be just a comedic episode, but the end provided some character development for both Don and Luka. Luka learns from Don to be more careful and respectful of other people.

Another great comedy moment was the roll call where LukaDon does the GokaiYellow pose. The battle following this was awesome as GokaiYellow and GokaiGreen switch fighting styles with GokaiYellow using the guns and GokaiGreen using the swords.


I don’t have much to say about this episode without just pointing out more obvious comedic moments. I give this episode a 5/5

I doubt this episode would make it into Power Rangers, just because of its tendency to cut the more comedic episodes.