Gokaiger 28

I’m not sure what I think about the return of Yuuki Gai. I think that the whole ‘back from the dead’ thing takes away from the realism (even though the series isn’t at all realistic on the whole). I guess since he’s dead, the fact that he is able to use his Cross Changer makes sense. I did like the references to the other Jetmen. The one that struck me the most was the Ako-Chan noodles from Ako/Blue Swallow since that has to be one of my favourite Jetman episodes (I’ve only  watched  a few, so that doesn’t mean much).

I don’t really understand why Gai can’t see Yuuki Gai. A common believe is because Gai is only human whereas the Gokaigers are aliens, but I don’t understand how being an alien can allow you to see the dead. Maybe it has something to do with Gai’s near-death experience?

I like the MOTD, Kiaido, because he’s not just a Zangyack Action Commander. Kiaido is a bounty hunter who has fought Marvelous before. When facing Kiaido, Marvelous pauses in fear for the first time. During a battle with Kiaido, the team transform into Maskman and Bioman. I think these full-team changes should’ve been done in earlier episodes before GokaiSilver showed up. During this battle, GokaiSilver just disappears for a while these Gokai Changes are executed.

One thing I noticed during Black Condor’s individual fight is that the shot below is missing. A similar shot it done, but under the bridge on the rocks rather than next to the water. I’m not sure why they would film two different versions and then put the alternate version in the trailer. It’s not a big deal, but it’s just something I noticed.

The Jetman fight scene was fantastic. I especially liked how they used wirework to emulate the flying which is something I would’ve liked to have seen more of in the original Jetman (but obviously, this wouldn’t be practical 20 years ago). I’m slightly disappointed that the Jetman theme wasn’t used, but the music used here was adequate. As hoped, a Jetman-inspired final attack was used rather than the regular Final Wave. As you can probably gather, I liked this.


I’ve been interested in Jetman ever since reading Rovang’s “Power Rangers Take Flight”, so I was looking forward to seeing this episode.  The episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either, so I give this episode a 3/5

This episode would probably be cut due to the Jetman, Maskman and Bioman focus.