Gokaiger 29

I felt like the plot of this episode was a little disjointed, but still enjoyable. The beginning of the episode start off as an Ahim focus. The focus is soon shifted towards the Zangyack’s shrinking abilities onboard GokaiOh. About 15 minutes in, the focus is switched back to Ahim. I think the main problem is that there was so little of the Ahim focus at beginning of the episode, with there being only a small exchange between Gai and Marvelous about her. The next 10 minutes isn’t really relevant to this exchange.

The clothes-changing scene with Ahim was fun and a nice reference to previous Pink Rangers who have done this in past seasons. I like how this shows how quickly Ahim can change from the courteous princess persona when necessary. The scene reminded me of Boukenger Task 38 where Shizuka had a quick-change scene, also involving a school girl and a nurse with an oversized needle.

The appearances of Yukito and Emiri were brief, but I’m not too bothered about this since the plot wasn’t really focused around them. I really like the AbarePink call-backs, and even Emiri’s home-made AbarePink Ranger Key (which won’t be hard for collectors to make themselves).

My brother and I watch Gokaiger together with my laptop connected to the TV, so I get to see his first reactions to things which is great, especially since he doesn’t usually read many of  the spoilers. When GokaiOh and GouJyuJin bump fists at the start of the combination sequence, he was excited to see what the merge would look like. When GouJyu-GokaiOh was revealed as just an arm swap, hiss reaction was: “Is that it!? They swapped arms!?” Clearly he was expecting something on a larger scale. Unlike my brother, I like GouJyu-GokaiOh, even if it is just an arm swap.


I don’t have a lot to say about this episode, but I definitely enjoyed it despite the flaws. I give this episode a 4/5.

If this episode is adapted for Power Rangers, the most obvious change would be the Abaranger pose with AbarePink for obvious reasons. The episode could possibly use Ethan (Blue Dino Thunder Ranger) to help repair the damaged Megazord.